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Antiques Roadshow guest stunned after taking £25 charity shop painting on show

Kit Roberts

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A guest on the Antiques Roadshow was left stunned after finding out the value of a painting she'd paid £25 for.

There are two sides to the Antiques Roadshow. On the one hand, there are the guests who seem convinced they've found the Ark of the Covenant in their attic, only to to look visibly crestfallen when it's valued at £50.

Then there are the ones who come onto the TV show and are truly stunned by the value of their item - be it an 'ugly clock' or an old Rolex watch.

And one guest was also left pretty shocked when she found out how much a painting she'd found in a charity shop was actually worth.

The guest bought the stunning painting for £25. Credit: BBC
The guest bought the stunning painting for £25. Credit: BBC

The picture was of a beautiful Scottish landscape, depicting two islands off the coast. It was painted by Scottish artist John Cunningham and is, quite frankly, rather stunning.

She then revealed that she'd purchased the painting 10 years ago while driving home with her children from a holiday.

On the drive, she realised that they didn't have raincoats and so had popped into a charity shop to pick some up.


The guest said: "We'd all had a family holiday. We were driving home and my children were only ten and twelve and I raised the rain was coming down.

"I had no raincoat for the children, I went in to get a raincoat, but I didn't get a raincoat I got a painting."

She walked out having only paid just £25 for the painting.

And expert Grant Ford was visibly stunned by this, revealing to her that she had, in fact, gotten very lucky indeed.

The guest was left flabbergasted by the painting's worth. Credit: BBC
The guest was left flabbergasted by the painting's worth. Credit: BBC

He said: "I just think that's an amazing bit of luck because this is a very sought-after painting and actually holds quite a lot of value.

"I can confidently say it's worth £4,000 to £6,000."

The delighted guest said she was 'astonished' by the assessment given how much she'd initially paid for it, adding: "I'm glad I bought it."


Grant added: "You could have found a raincoat that day, luckily you found a brilliant painting."

Admiring the work, he said: "This is such an immediate, fluid, colourful painting, I'd love to be able to paint just like this. It really is a confident, colourist painting, now, it's an oil on canvas and it's clearly signed lower right, Cunningham."

That's certainly better reception than one woman got when she brought in some ventriloquist dolls - as viewers were left well and truly freaked out by the dolls.

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Kit Roberts
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