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Apple receive backlash as users fear latest update will slow down iPhone

Apple receive backlash as users fear latest update will slow down iPhone

The tech giant has previously been hit with fines for 'throttling'

Apple users are apprehensive about the latest software update, with some suggesting it could be a ploy to slow down their devices ahead of the iPhone 14 release.

The tech giant has previously been hit with fines for 'throttling', which means deliberately reducing the performance of device or app.

This is often carried out ahead of a new release with the intent of making more sales.

Although this hasn't appeared to happen, many users have expressed concerns about a security update on their devices as it falls just a few weeks before the iPhone 14 is predicted to hit the shelves.

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Taking to Twitter, one wrote: "Apple make me die, apparently there is a serious security issue with all iPhones, that is unless of course you buy the new iPhone 14 coming next month, turn it in FFS lol we know what ya doing."

Another said: "They just wana slow the old models because iPhone 14 is coming out..and they incentivise with security upgrades."

"Yes, time to push that fking update and slow down every one. Yearly refresh cycle is near now that new iPhone is coming," added a third.

However, tech experts have reassured that the iOS 15.6.1 update - which applies to the iPhone 6S and later models as well as some iPad models - will not impact their Apple products.

David Calder, co-founder of cybersecurity firm Adarma, told the MailOnline that if any issues are found with performance then the tech company will release a new update.

Meanwhile, mobile security expert Tom Davison said to the outlet: "In the case of security fixes, these are being issued for a reason and users should definitely update as soon as possible.

"Failing to do so leaves you open to known vulnerabilities that an attacker could use to exploit your device.

"For these minor security updates, the impact to battery life should generally be non-existent or negligible.

"For major updates, Apple has previously acknowledged that battery usage may temporarily increase for around 48 hours or so before settling to normal patterns.

"To get the latest security updates, users have to go to the latest version of iOS for their iPhone, so there really is no option but to install the latest software if you want to stay protected. 


"Over time, any new features and functionality in iOS may increase demands on the battery, and the iPhone battery itself has a finite lifetime.

"Just like with any computer, the iPhone hardware will eventually need an update to run the latest and greatest features, but that shouldn't stop users from downloading the latest patches to stay safe."

LADbible has approached Apple for comment.

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