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Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved In Multiple Car Crash In SUV

Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved In Multiple Car Crash In SUV

The four-vehicle collision took place on Sunset Boulevard and a woman has been taken to hospital

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been involved in a multi-vehicle crash that resulted in a woman being taken to hospital.

The former bodybuilder and previous governor of California was pictured at the scene, in photos shared by US media outlet TMZ, in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon.


A spokesperson for Mr Schwarzenegger told the BBC that the actor was behind the wheel of his SUV at the time of the incident, but was unharmed.

The four-vehicle collision took place just after 4.30pm local time on Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) confirmed.

An LAPD spokesperson told the PA news agency: “There was a collision about 4.35 on Sunset and Allenford Avenue.

“It was a four vehicle traffic collision (and) fire departments and paramedics transported one female to a local hospital with an abrasion to her head.

“Neither alcohol nor drugs are suspected as a factor in this and all parties remained at the scene.”

Sky News

According to a police report seen by CBS, the collision occurred after a red Prius made a U-turn with Arnie's vehicle rolling onto the top of it and continuing on until it hit a Porsche Cayenne and another vehicle that were waiting for the lights to change.

The publication reported how the airbags in 74-year-old Schwarzenegger's SUV.

Reports suggest that he was with Jake Steinfeld - from 'Body by Jake' fame - at the scene when the incident took place. The two are close friends and, when Arnold was Governor of California, Steinfeld was Chairman of the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness.

Schwarzenegger ousted the previous governor to be recalled and replaced Gray Davis as the state’s leader in 2003. He kept up his political career until 2011.

He still campaigns against climate change and in October 2021, spoke to BBC Radio 4’s 39 Ways To Save The Planet where he said everyone has to work together to tackle the issue.

He explained: "It’s very important that we have a positive attitude, that we can see it and we all work together because not one person can deal with it themselves. It’s a huge undertaking.

“It takes the political arena, it takes the public sector, the private sector, the non-profit sector, the academic sector, ordinary folks. And then I think we can do it.”

Featured Image Credit: KNBC

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