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Asda win Christmas with new ad featuring Michael Bublé

Asda win Christmas with new ad featuring Michael Bublé

Asda has just dropped their new festive ad starring the one and only Michael Bublé.

Watch the full Asda Christmas Advert for 2023 starring Michael Bublé below:

We’re just dipping our toes into November but the battle for the greatest Christmas ad of 2023 has already begun. The festive season is when the big brands pull out all the stops, aiming to capture the holiday spirit and outshine the rest. Well, hold onto your Santa hats, because Asda has just unleashed a showstopper.

You may think they’d struggle to top the heart-warming Elf advert from last year, but think again. Asda has just dropped their new festive ad starring the one and only Michael Bublé himself.

You all know Bublé – the guy with a voice smoother than a buttered sledge on fresh snow and enough charisma to light up a small town. The Canadian artist’s album ‘Christmas’ sold 12 million copies and has been streamed more than four BILLION times. Close your eyes and listen to his voice and it really does begin to feel a lot like Christmas.

Directed by Oscar-winning director, Taika Waititi, the 90-second Christmas ad sees Bublé step into the role of their Chief Quality Officer, making sure everything they serve up this holiday season is top-notch.


The ad starts with Bublé at his brand-new desk, all smiles and holiday cheer, with a fancy "Chief Quality Officer" sign in gold sitting front and centre. He kicks off a meeting, spreading that festive joy with the Asda team, while also using it as an excuse to nab a few more of those decadent brown butter and spiced dark rum mince pies.

Heading out onto the shop floor, it’s pure holiday bliss as golden turkeys are wheeled past and Bublé makes the final selection for the Christmas cheese board. You’ll catch him meticulously checking rows of chocolate and orange panettones and taste testing one of their tempting truffle and parmesan pigs in blankets. Okay, we’re hungry now.

Of course, because it’s Bublé, the ad finishes off with him joining a group of carol singers in the snow, singing a rendition of Winter Wonderland. The Asda car park has never looked so romantic.

The whole ad feels like a big cuddle on Christmas day. It’s a warm reminder of what the festive season is all about: family, good food, and spreading joy. And with Michael Bublé in the mix, it's like the shiny star on top of the tree.

Well, pop the Bublé because it’s officially Christmas. And, with Asda setting the bar this high for their festive ad, it’s going to be a difficult one to top.

Featured Image Credit: Asda

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