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Aussies are calling for Steve Irwin’s face be put on the $5 note following the Queen’s death

Aussies are calling for Steve Irwin’s face be put on the $5 note following the Queen’s death

The Aussie government hasn't ruled out putting an Australian icon on the note instead of King Charles.

There has been a lot of chatter about Australia's $5 note since Queen Elizabeth II died earlier this month.

The late Monarch's portrait has adorned one side of the piece of currency for decades.

However, now that she has been laid to rest, some people are calling for an update to the humble fiver.

But instead of having a portrait of King Charles III on one side, Aussies have been giving a few suggestions.

One of the frontrunners appears to be the iconic Steve Irwin.

Loads of people have flocked to social media to beg for Australian authorities to immortalise the legendary crocodile hunter on our $5.

One person wrote on Twitter: "To be fair Steve Irwin is a national hero in Australia. Even I know this from the UK. Lovely bloke who did a lot for conservation, nature & animals."

Another added: "Go for Irwin. Definitely a better option."

Aa third said: "I agree, Steve was and still is an inspiration to many. The currency with his face will be hard as nails!"

But a different user suggested we shouldn't have just one person on the $5 note and it should be a mix of awesome Aussies.

"Bloody oath!!! I’m a monarchist but I would defo prefer a mix of Steve Irwin, Shane Warne, Patty Mills, the Grey Wiggle and Tim Cahill’s face on the back of the notes. Charles can have the coins," they said.

The assistant minister for treasury has already spoken out about the $5 note in the wake of the Queen's death.

Andrew Leigh said King Charles won't automatically be printed on new notes, however British royalty will continue to be featured on coins as a matter of tradition.

Fir Mamat / Alamy Stock Photo

He said: "The decision to include the Queen’s face on the $5 note was about her personally rather than about her status as the monarch so that transition [to Charles on the note] isn’t automatic.

“We’ll have a sensible conversation within government and make an appropriate announcement in due course.”

Leigh said coins will be their immediate focus and the Royal Australian Mint will be aiming to get coins with King Charles' portrait on them by next year.

According to The Guardian, Leigh added that they could go with an Australian figure instead of someone from Britain for the $5 note.

When asked about the future of the $5 note last week, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said it was way too early to be talking about changes to the Australian currency.

“I think this is a time for a bit of respect … we will deal with these issues appropriately, in an orderly way, in a way that is respectful," he said.

Featured Image Credit: Fir Mamat / Alamy Stock Photo. PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo.

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