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Australians Warned Not To Rip The UK Over Its Heatwave

Dominic Smithers

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Australians Warned Not To Rip The UK Over Its Heatwave

Today (18 July) is set to become the hottest day on record in the UK, with the mercury set to hit 40C.

In preparation for the scorching weather, the Met Office issued an 'extreme heat' warning last week for the first time ever.

The red warning carries a health risk to everyone affected, not just those who are usually more vulnerable to heat or have an existing medical condition.

Brits are often ridiculed for overreacting and simply not being able to cope with a bit of warm weather.

However, Aussies, who are no stranger to high temperatures, have been asked to keep their opinions to themselves this time round because it really is no laughing matter.

Aussies have been urged to not make fun of the Brits as they struggle through the most intense heatwave on record. Credit: Alamy
Aussies have been urged to not make fun of the Brits as they struggle through the most intense heatwave on record. Credit: Alamy

Writing on Twitter, one user said: "If you’re in Australia, please resist the urge to jump in about the weather in England today/tomorrow - 'YOu CaLl tHaT a HeAtWave?!' etc.

"It isn’t the Climate Change Ashes; houses here aren’t equipped for this and a lot of vulnerable people are likely to die horrible deaths."

Echoing the plea, another wrote: "To all of my fellow Australians complaining about how 40C in the UK 'isn't that hot':

"Please understand that it is very different to suffer through 40C in a place that is not prepared and built for it, and does not have the infrastructure to handle it safely.

"I've spent decades of 45C days in Australia, and one week in the UK when it was 35C - and that 35C in a house and city that were not built for it were far different than Australian summers where we were well prepared for it."

While recalling their own experience of a British heatwave, another said: "I experienced a couple of 30-33 degree days in London a few days ago and I swear it was like living on the sun. It’s not the same."

Part of the reason why the UK struggles to deal with the heat is down to infrastructure - our roads and our homes are simply not built for the heat.

And if you are worried about what the next couple of days will bring, Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts posted a cracking thread on Twitter, detailing some genius ways of keeping cool.

Top of the list was to make sure that all your curtains are closed during the day.

She wrote: "Close your curtains. All the way. During the entire day. You can open them at night, when you will also (if possible) open your windows the whole way and direct any fans to make a though breeze.

"If you can stock up on ice. While yes, a nice cool beverage with ice is wonderful, this is also mainly about your pets. Ensure that you are topping up their water with ice regularly! If you have no pets, stock up on slightly less ice, for your own beverages.

"If you feel you are overheating the two places on your body you need to focus on cooling down quickly (before then dealing properly with the issue!) are the crown of your head and your feet.

"Soak your feet in cold water - as cold as you can stand. Then drink lots of water."

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay/Alamy

Topics: Weather, UK News, Health, Viral

Dominic Smithers
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