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One of Baba Vanga's most extreme predictions is less than fifty years away

One of Baba Vanga's most extreme predictions is less than fifty years away

The mystic's prediction might seem extreme, but she's been right many times before

If you're the kind of person that gives a lot of credence to the predictions of famous deceased Bulgarian mystics, then get a load of this.

Baba Vanga - arguably the most famous of all deceased Bulgarian mystics - has forecast all kinds of ominous happenings for humankind, and one of her most extreme predictions is less than 50 years away.

Europe will apparently become Islamic by 2043, and according to VICE, the US will besiege Rome, Italy, in 2066.

As part of its offensive, the US will supposedly create a weapon called an 'environmental destructor', which can immediately freeze anything in its path.

This seems like an outlandish prediction, and like with all of her apparent prophecies, it is nigh on impossible to verify whether she ever actually said it, or if it is just some mutated rumour that has become part of her folklore.

Whatever the case, here's hoping this prediction is off the mark - though apparently two of her predictions for 2022 have already come true.

Baba Vanga died decades ago, but her predictions still make headlines.

The 'psychic' reportedly said that several Asian countries and Australia would be hit with 'intense bouts of floods', while according to The Mirror, Baba also warned that cities would be hit by water shortages as a result of drought - like those we are currently seeing across Europe.

Baba was born in 1911 and, despite the fact she passed away in 1996, she still makes the headlines every year with prophecies from beyond the grave. 

When she was still around, she opened up about her life, which she said was completely changed as a child when, out of nowhere, a tornado allegedly lifted her off the ground.

She was found after a long search, with witnesses describing her as very frightened, and her eyes were covered with sand and dust.

Her inaccurate predictions tend to be overlooked.

Since her family only had enough money for a partial operation, Vanga lost her sight; however, she was gifted with the power of seeing into the future (according to her testimony, at least). 

When she passed, she left behind predictions that run until 5079, when she believes the world will end.

Many of her predictions haven't come to pass, though these forecasts are inevitably ignored, enhancing her reputation among the sorts of people who believe in mystics and the like.

According to the HuffPost, major events that believers think Vanga predicted include the 2004 Thailand tsunami, Barack Obama's presidency, the breakup of the Soviet Union and East and West Germany's reunification.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Alexander Naumann/Pixabay