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Terrifying Moment Baboon Tries To Bite Children Mocking It At Zoo

Terrifying Moment Baboon Tries To Bite Children Mocking It At Zoo

The baboon was seriously unimpressed by the children and an adult banging on the glass of its zoo enclosure

A baboon lunged for a group of children in a zoo after becoming angered by people banging on the glass of its enclosure. You can see the moment that the monkey lost it with them in the video below.

WARNING: this video could be a bit distressing.


If you’ve watched the video, you’ll clearly be able to tell that the baboon isn’t happy about the people banging on the glass.

In truth, there are signs up on the side of the enclosure telling people not to bang on the glass for that exact reason.

In case you’re worried about the safety of the animal, as it does seem to bang off the glass with its head a few times, the zoo has released a statement afterwards confirming it was not injured.

The poor baboon lives in Wuxi Zoo in southern Jiangsu province, China.


It appears the whole incident started because a woman began slapping her hand on the glass of the poor creature’s enclosure, which angered the primate and caused it to bear its teeth.

However, following the bad example of the adult, children then decided it would be a good idea to start banging on the glass themselves, which only served to anger the baboon more.

On a couple of occasions it lurched forward and seemed to make attempts to attack the tourists, although it was stopped by the thick glass of the enclosure.


Even though this situation is obviously horrible for the animal, it’s also a good job the glass was there for the safety of the humans, despite their thoughtless actions clearly being what angered the monkey.

Officials at the zoo in Eastern China said the baboon was just stating clearly that it felt its territory was being invaded and that it was annoyed by that.

They said it made a ‘grinning gesture’ in order to scare away the intruders.

They also said the baboon in question is known to be one of their grumpier animals, although they said they could not encourage the behaviour of the tourists.

Apparently, the whole thing happened so quickly that the staff had no time to react and intervene.


The zoo staff were also keen to point out that the glass of the enclosure is double-layered and tempered glass so it would not have broken.

They also moved to confirm that the baboon was not injured, despite the fact it appear to bang itself off the glass a couple of times.

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

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