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Bali tourist seen on back of scooter with luggage in one hand and a beer in the other

Bali tourist seen on back of scooter with luggage in one hand and a beer in the other

She's been called out for being a really unsafe passenger in the Indonesian hotspot.

There are some horror stories that have come out of Bali where tourists get really badly injured by scooters.

Whether they've been behind the wheel or on the backseat, the Indonesian hotspot is fully of fast-moving traffic and it's best to have your wits about you.

However, one traveller has been slammed for their carelessness while on the back of a moped.

A video is doing the rounds on social media showing a woman with her luggage in one hand and a beer in the other as the scooter she's on whips through traffic.

Considering how unbalanced the weight is, it's no surprise that she's struggling with the huge bag during the journey.

Not only is she making it dangerous for the driver, but she's also at risk of serious injury if the scooter falls over because she's wearing a small top as well as open-toed shoes.

Don't even get us started on the lack of helmet.

The clip hasn't gone down well with some people, with one viewer saying: "Arrest them, deport them."

Another added: "Back on Jetstar flight you go."

A third wrote: "Why don’t you have a helmet for your passenger hanging a damn suitcase off the bike?"

The Instagram account Bali Livin listed a bunch of safety tips for people heading to the tourist destination and wanting to jump on a scooter.

"WEAR HELMET!⁣" the account wrote.

"Have an International Riding License. Note Riding, not Driving. You’ll need to get this in your home country and this is a basic requirement for riding in Indonesia.⁣⁣

"Have a local Tourist Riding License. You’ll need International Riding License or a license from your home country to get this, and you’ll have to spend an hour or so at the licensing centre in Kerobokan to get one (get a cab there, as it is in the middle of nowhere). It is valid for one month.⁣⁣

"Wear a shirt. ⁣Don’t wear a bikini on the road or shirtless⁣⁣

"Obey the road rules — that is, drive or ride sensibly⁣⁣

"Don't Drunk and Ride.⁣"

The account said you will be riding illegally if you're in breach of any of those tips so it's best to stick to if you want to avoid a fine or injury.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/annethenomad

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