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Bank Robber Poses As Security Guard And Tricks Staff Into Handing Over £150k

Bank Robber Poses As Security Guard And Tricks Staff Into Handing Over £150k

A devious bank robber dressed up as a G4S security guard got staff to hand over the money.

When you think of a bank robbery you might imagine a dramatic scenario of armed, masked men bursting in with guns demanding cash and making a speedy getaway pursued by the police.

You might not be expecting something so simple as walking in, telling the staff you're here to pick up some money and having them hand over huge amounts without twigging anything is wrong.

That's exactly what one bank robber did on 5 July when they took £150k from a branch of Santander in Brixton.

Posing as a G4S security guard and seemingly dressed the part in uniform, helmet and visor, the robber walked right in and showed a fake ID.

They were then able to walk right out with six boxes of cash containing £25,000 each, leaving bank staff to realise something had gone horribly wrong when he didn't come back in to sign for the money transfer.

Staff then called G4S to ask about the money pickup, only to be told the terrible news that no pickup had ever been scheduled.

A bank robber posing as a G4S security guard walked away with £150k in cash.

According to The Sun, this bank robbery is being referred to as 'a Noah's Ark job' as the boxes of money were taken out 'two by two'.

That ought to have been a clue that something was up, as rules require each box of cash to be handled individually.

They also report that the man wasn't even wearing an accurate G4S uniform, prompting questions over how he was able to walk in and convince staff to hand over £150k in cash.

It's thought that he used the services of a getaway driver waiting around the corner to speed him and the cash away from the scene of the crime.

Even though his disguise was apparently faulty, he at least avoided ending up like one hapless robber who forgot to put his balaclava on while nicking cash from a shop.

A Santander branch in Brixton was robbed when someone pretended they were there to pick up boxes of cash.

One possible silver lining is that the bank robber may have ended up stealing six boxes of ruined money as each package contains a dye pack which can douse the bank notes.

Unless he has the expert help of an insider he may end up not being able to open the boxes without spoiling the ill-gotten gains.

Sadly, if the robber does have inside help then he's just scored one of the easiest bank robberies in history by conning staff to hand over the cash.

Police have confirmed that no arrests have yet been made as officers from the Met's flying squad are investigating the robbery.

Santander are helping the police with their investigations into the bank robbery.

LADbible have contacted G4S for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Google Street View

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