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BBC Scotland was airing Limmy's Show while other channels broke the Queen's death

BBC Scotland was airing Limmy's Show while other channels broke the Queen's death

BBC Scotland was still airing Limmy's Show while the broadcaster's other channels were announcing the Queen's death.

While the BBC's other channels were breaking the news of the Queen's death last week, with Huw Edwards gravely announcing her passing to the nation, BBC Scotland was still showing footage from a comedy show.

When it comes to preparing for the death of a monarch, there's a lot of preparation done by the major news channels ahead of the moment.

There are certain protocols in place and staff have practiced for the very moment they know will be watched time and time again by many millions of people around the world.

With any high pressure event, there are always going to be a few things that go wrong - part of the trick is for them not to be too noticeable - but some viewers did spot an odd channel out during the coverage.

When the time came to announce the Queen's death, BBC Scotland didn't switch over immediately, meaning someone channel hopping could switch from the announcement of the Queen's death to a promotion for comedian Limmy's show.

While several BBC channels had switched to synced up footage of Huw Edwards announcing the Queen's death, BBC Scotland was showing footage of comedian Limmy.

Limmy, real name Brian Limond, is well known for his sketch series Limmy's Show, and as news of the Queen's death broke, BBC Scotland was still telling people they could watch the comedian's series on iPlayer.

BBC Scotland wasn't the only channel not to immediately change coverage to the announcement, as BBC Two was covering sports at the time and was the last channel from the public broadcaster to sync up with the rest as it tends to provide alternative broadcasting while major events are covered on BBC One.

BBC Alba, a Scottish Gaelic language channel, swapped over from a broadcast of Tintin, while BBC Parliament suddenly cut away from their coverage of Westminster to switch to Huw Edwards.

Shortly afterwards, all channels were showing the same broadcast.

Limmy recently revealed that he's 18 years sober, with the 47-year-old telling fans back in June that he'd reached a major milestone in his battle with alcoholism.

The comedian has been open and honest about his struggles with alcohol addiction in the past, saying that while he doesn't 'consider myself to be a fully-blown part of the club', 'everybody gets it' when he tells people he's an alcoholic.

He previously spoke about the moment which caused him to give up drinking, hopefully for good, saying he was 'gonna jump in the Clyde' and drown himself, admitting 'it was gonna be horrible'.

Limmy said on that day 18 years ago he could 'remember how much I wanted to live' and quit drinking.

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