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BBC Weather apologises for 'glitch' after bizarre forecast predicts winter temperatures

BBC Weather apologises for 'glitch' after bizarre forecast predicts winter temperatures

People were left very confused after the BBC's weather app and website suffered a glitch

The BBC has had to apologise after a glitch on its weather systems left many very confused.

If you've had a glance at the channel's weather app or website to check out next week's forecast, you might have noticed something a little strange.

Rather than seeing a row of glorious sunshine symbol, with temperatures in the high teens and mid twenties, users were shocked by some unseasonably low figures.

The website claimed that we can actually expect to see temperatures plummet over the coming days, with highs of 7C or 8C.

It also affected the television broadcasts, with screens showing the wrong predictions during the BBC News At Ten.

Darren Bett's weather forecast on BBC News at Ten.

And it didn't go unnoticed by viewers and people online, who were pretty confused by the pessimistic forecasts.

One user said: "Hmmm... I think that the BBC weather website is having a slight issue... "

Another commented: "Trouble at the BBC weather app. Or it’s autumn tomorrow."

"I mean I know it’s the UK and weather is well British, but I’m pretty sure @bbcweather

is a bit broken," put a third.

While another person added: "Why is the BBCWeather website showing ridiculously low temperatures next week when other forecasters are showing much higher temperatures?"

Addressing the mix-up, the BBC Weather channel took to Twitter to explain that something had gone wrong.

“Our apologies for the incorrect temperatures appearing on the website and app," it said.

“We are working with our data suppliers to fix this fault.”


And this morning (30 June), it apologised again, explaining that the glitch had still not been fixed.

“Good morning, unfortunately we’ve still got technical issues with data on our app and (website)…it’s not actually going to be 7 or 8C," the post read.

Addressing the technical issues on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, weatherman Simon King said we can expect considerably higher temperatures than those forecast on the app and website.

"Temperatures over the next few days about 16 to 23C by day and about nine to 12C overnight, about the average really for the time of year," he said.

“Not the seven or 8C you are currently seeing on our website or app – so apologies. There is still a technical glitch in that respect.”

In reality, the Met Office is predicting 19C in London today (30 June), while the rest of the week can expect temperatures ranging from 13 to 24C.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Wallpaper Flare

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