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'Best Boss' Praised For Sending Employee The 'Perfect Email'

'Best Boss' Praised For Sending Employee The 'Perfect Email'

We've all had that sinking feeling when a boss asks you to call them...

A boss has been praised for sending the ‘perfect email’ to an employee, who shared the message on TikTok – saying she would ‘100 percent recommend working with people who get you’. Take a look below:

TikToker Jess (@notjessicasimpson) recently posted the video, beginning the clip by joking: “Anxious? Me? Not at all!” 

She continued: “This is a normal email that every boss sends to their employee.” 

Jess then cut to a screengrab of an email their manager had sent her just after 8am one morning. 

It begins with the boss asking Jess to ‘call me when you have the chance’ - a directive that, while breezy, often does nothing but make people freak the hell out

As you start to catastrophise questions like ‘Am I about to be fired?’, ‘Am I being made redundant?’ and ‘Are my hours being cut?’ rush into your head, and do nothing but grow worse as the call or meeting approaches. 

But Jess’ boss found a way to immediately put her at ease, telling her up front that ‘nothing is wrong’, and that they just wanted to find out how her time off had been. 


The email continues: “Sounds good. Call me when you have a chance – NOTHING IS WRONG! We haven’t spoken and I wanted to see how your holidays were. 


The post has racked up more than 600,000 likes and 2.8 views, with many people commenting to praise the simple but very effective approach.

The official LinkedIn TikTok account even piped up, writing: "The best boss award goes to…"

Someone else agreed that they sounded like a 'good boss', while a third added: "This is a perfect email!"


Many others said they appreciated how their own boss did the same, while several managers commented to say it was something they tried to do too.

"My boss puts meeting requests like 'quick chat (good news!)' so I don’t freak out," one said.

Another wrote: "I have to do this with some of my employees. 'Hey can we schedule a touch base? YOU ARE NOT IN TROUBLE AND I AM NOT MAD.'"


One other person also said: "I start conversations out like this with my students and sometimes even my own son. It really helps!"

A TikToker called Gabriella Cázares-Kelly also appeared in the comments claiming to be THE boss from Jess' email.

They explained: "I’m the boss. It’s common for me to call staff members and say, 'can you come see me in my office? YOU’RE NOT IN TROUBLE.'"

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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