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Two would-be-thieves bit off more than they could chew when they tried to make off with a motorbike.

If you're going to steal something, it makes sense that you would make sure it's something that you will be able to take with you, otherwise what's the point?

However, it looks like two would-be thieves in Liverpool may not have taken this into account before setting out on an ill-fated expedition together.

The two hooded and masked figures were getting around on an electric bicycle just large enough for them both to cling on, and had a hammer which they used to break the lock and wave around threateningly.

Put your backs into it lads!

Stealth, speed, and having a clear getaway strategy seem important if you want to steal something big, at least I assume so.

However, it doesn't seem like these two inept would-be-crooks thought much about their crime before they ham-fistedly launched into their ill-fated operation.

Video footage shows the pair wrestling with a motorbike. The bike is clearly much larger and more powerful than the one they were using, and looks worth a pretty penny. Unfortunately for the thieves, it was also a good deal heavier.

The pair bungle around, struggling to lift the bike upright while onlookers shout at them and try to intervene. Honestly, they needn't have bothered.

Our heroes, such as they are, eventually manage to get the bike on its wheels. There is some scuffling as they struggling with the bike, which to be honest isn't even a particularly large bike.

It's certainly impressive, but looks like a fairly mid-sized motorcycle, as they come.

The lads didn't have much luck.

They make a rather sad attempt to wheel away their prize wile also keeping hold of their own bike. But even wheeling it away proved a bit much, as the bike careens over and falls onto its side. Oh dear, they were trying so hard.

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police said: "We can confirm that we received a report of an attempted robbery in Abercromby Square in Liverpool on Tuesday 6 June. At around 2.30pm it was reported that two males attempted to steal a parked motorbike by using a lump hammer to break a lock.

"Members of the public tried to intervene and the two suspects fled the area on an electric bike. Our enquiries are ongoing and we are appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident to get in touch. If you have any information, get in touch via @MerPolCC quoting reference 23000486879."

I'd say at least they tried, but then they were trying to nick a bike so maybe not. Suffice to say that Grand Theft Auto this was not.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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