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Binman who went viral for kicking snowman still jobless and says the sacking 'messed him over big time'

Binman who went viral for kicking snowman still jobless and says the sacking 'messed him over big time'

A binman got sacked for kicking the head off a child's snowman but has struggled to get a job since

A binman who gained notoriety and went viral for kicking the head off a snowman last year has revealed that he's struggled to find a job since then.

Callum Woodhouse went viral back in January 2021 when CCTV footage showed him kicking three-year-old Joseph Taylor's snowman while emptying out his family's bins.

Woodhouse ended up getting sacked for the stunt but was confused that it cost him his job as the snowman built by a three-year-old child 'doesn't have feelings'.

The binman refused to apologise for destroying the snowman, saying he didn't understand 'why it has come to this' as it would have melted anyway and offered to build the child a new one as a replacement.

CCTV footage of the incident went viral, with a pair of binmen in Leeds even building a little snowman of their own before knocking it over in tribute.

The completed snowman before it got smashed.

Now, almost two years since the infamous snowman-kicking incident, Callum has told the Daily Star getting sacked 'did mess me over big time' and that he hasn't had a full-time job since then.

The former binman says he 'got done over' with his sacking as he 'put more than I should've done into that job', claiming that in his time as a binman 'not once did I let the company down'.

He explained that these days he's working cash in hand jobs, telling the Star he is 'happy doing my own work', saying that being his own boss means he 'won't be done over like that again'.

At the time of the snowman kicking incident, Hertfordshire Council told LADbible they had 'referred it to our waste collection contractor' as the binman had been employed through an agency.

FCC, the contractor who employed the binman, told us kicking the snowman was 'not in keeping with the conduct expected' and as a result they 'requested that he did not return to work other than to hand the uniform back'.

They told LADbible they 'believe this to be an appropriate measure given the nature of the incident'.

How the snowman looked after being destroyed.

A lot of people thought sacking the binman for kicking a snowman was a bit too harsh as far as punishments go, with thousands signing a petition to get him his job back.

At the time they called on the council and contractor to 'grow up and give the man his job back', but were clearly unsuccessful in their attempts.

The petitioners argued that he'd 'worked throughout the whole pandemic' and been left with 'no income in times like this' for knocking down a snowman.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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