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Black Man Spends Days In Jail After Being Mistaken For White Man With The Same Name

Black Man Spends Days In Jail After Being Mistaken For White Man With The Same Name

Shane Lee Brown was wrongly detained for a crime committed by a white man twice his age

A black man was jailed for almost a week after being mistaken for a white suspect twice his age... and it was all because they shared the same name. 

Shane Lee Brown, 25, has since accused two police departments in Nevada, US, of wrongful arrest and negligence. 

Shane's lawyers claim that Henderson and Las Vegas police wrongfully detained Shane under the pretence he was Shane Neal Brown, NBC News reports. 

The lawsuit states: “While performing a records check, the unknown HPD Officers confused Shane Lee Brown with a different Shane Brown, a 49-year-old white man, who was the subject of an outstanding felony bench warrant for ownership or possession of firearm by prohibited person.” 


The mix-up began after Shane was pulled over by police at a traffic stop where he failed to provide a driver’s licence, prompting his arrest. 

He was then held in the Henderson Detention Centre from 8 to 10 January 2020 before being transported back to Clark County Detention Centre after a warrant issued by Las Vegas police certified Shane was wanted on their books. 

The lawsuit notes Shane Neal Brown as 5ft 11in with brown hair, blue eyes, and a white beard, stating he had been convicted of a crime in 1994. 

On the other hand, Shane Lee Brown is 5ft 7in, and had yet to be born when the other Shane was convicted. 

Finally, after six long days in prison, a judge authorised his release (14 January 2020). 

However, the lawsuit noted that younger Shane had repeatedly questioned the police about his detention, stating that he was not the older, white Shane Brown wanted on the felony warrant. 

Records suggest the older Shane accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to up to six years in prison. 


According to the lawsuit, Shane Lee Brown has not been charged with any crime, and is seeking a jury trial and more than $500,000 (£371,146) in compensatory damages. 

The Las Vegas Police Department have been approached by LADbible for comment.

Earlier this month, death row's oldest inmate was finally given his date of execution after waiting 32 years.

Carl Wayne Buntion, 77, has been told he will die on 21 April as punishment for the brutal murder of a police officer back in 1990. 

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Prior to this case, Buntion had an extensive criminal record consisting of 13 previous felony convictions. 

Featured Image Credit: Las Vegas Police Department

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