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Body found in lake turns out to be very realistic sex doll that was dumped

Body found in lake turns out to be very realistic sex doll that was dumped

Police say the doll was about the size of a child and it was discovered by a father and son.

Police in the US have found themselves at the centre of an awkward sexcapade gone wrong.

Authorities were called to investigate a potential homicide that turned out to be a discarded sex toy.

Officers from Tunkhannock Township were called to a creek in northern Pennsylvania to investigate what appeared to be a dead body spotted in the body of water.

A father and son spotted what they believed to be a human foot poking out of the water, so they did the right thing and called police.

Unfortunately, their good deed was rendered totally pointless when police discovered the it was a really lifelike silicone sex doll.

But that wasn't before authorities arrived at the scene, had the coroner attend, and contacted the Pennsylvania State Police on the grounds of a suspected murder investigation.

Police took to social media to report on the stranger-than-fiction incident that unfurled in their small town.

They added: "The item was extremely lifelike and the decision was made to call in the Pennsylvania State Police to document the bag and then open it.

"After all the necessary steps were taken, it was determined that the item was a not human."

Tunkhannock Township Police said there was a fairly dark side to the story.

"We’ve seen this item referred to as a mannequin online. That really isn’t accurate. This was a lifelike silicone item used for self gratification," they wrote on Facebook.

"It’s the size of a small child, weighs about 50 pounds and is anatomically correct. The foot we were able to observe through the bag was extremely detailed all the way down the French pedicure it had."

Police then rounded on those who had already spread the news online, calling the doll a 'mannequin'.

Anyone missing this?
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"In a potentially major case like this, we would be requesting the Pennsylvania State Police to take over the investigation due to the resources they have," the police force continued.

"When we do that, it is our duty to turn over a preserved crime scene. We would rather call everyone out and take the necessary steps than blunder a potential homicide investigation."

They added: "Remember that a child and their father found this. We wouldn’t want our children finding this."

Thankfully, the police called off their dogs, so to speak.

Featured Image Credit: Jeremy Warner / Alamy. Sergi Reboredo / Alamy.

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