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Bodyguard Testifies That Amber Heard Spat At And Punched Johnny Depp

Bodyguard Testifies That Amber Heard Spat At And Punched Johnny Depp

Travis McGivern delivered his testimony during the former couple's ongoing trial

A security guard who works for Johnny Depp has testified in the ongoing defamation trial that the actor was spat at and punched by Amber Heard.

Travis McGivern appeared in front of the court via video link today (2 May) as the first witness to testify this week in Depp's $50 million defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, who he claims implied he abused her in an op-ed written in 2018.

McGivern recalled meeting Heard in the summer of 2013, two years before she and Depp got married, and described their relationship as one which was 'super loving' and 'happy', but which would also see them argue.

Depp's bodyguard claimed Heard punched him.

The arguments became more regular after the couple returned from Australia in March 2015, McGivern claimed, and there was allegedly name-calling and shouting from Heard which caused Depp to want to leave.

Aquaman star Heard was accused by McGivern of calling Depp names such as a “f*****g deadbeat dad” and a “f*****g c***”, as well as of insulting the bodyguard when he tried to get Depp out of the apartment.

McGivern drew attention to one particular argument which took place on 23 March, 2015 and involved Depp asking the bodyguard to come to penthouse five of the Eastern Columbia Building with his nurse, Debbie Lloyd.

McGivern found Depp at the door of the penthouse and claimed Heard threw a Red Bull can at Depp from the mezzanine level, which hit him on the back.

Heard is then alleged to have thrown a purse or bag at Depp as well as spitting at him; a move which angered Depp, according to the bodyguard.

McGivern said Heard then left the apartment with her sister Whitney, after which Depp began throwing around the clothes in his wife's closet.

When the sisters returned, McGivern decided to get Depp out of the apartment but another confrontation broke out and the bodyguard recalled seeing a closed fist coming over his right shoulder. Heard is said to have punched Depp with the closed fist in the side of his face.

When asked how Depp responded, McGivern said: "a look of shock… what just happened? Where did that come from?"

McGivern then said he removed the actor from the penthouse, after which Depp showed him where he had been struck and developed a 'nice little shiner'. He claimed Depp did not physically respond to Heard hitting him, and did not throw anything at anyone.

In cross-examination, Heard's lawyer asked McGivern if Depp was trying to grab Heard’s hair to hit her with the cast on his hand during the fight, to which he replied: "that is not correct”.

McGivern also stated he did not see Depp push or shove Whitney during the altercation.

Featured Image Credit: Law and Crime Network

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