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Boris Johnson Announces End To All Covid Restrictions From Thursday

Boris Johnson Announces End To All Covid Restrictions From Thursday

Free universal testing will end in England on 1 April, Boris Johnson has told MPs

Boris Johnson has announced that all Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted on Thursday 24 February as a part of his 'Living with Covid' plan.

This means that those who receive a positive Covid-19 test will still be advised to stay at home for at least five days, but will not be obliged to under law under the plans subject to parliamentary approval.

During a statement made in the House of Commons today (21 February), the PM said that things are now a 'personal responsibility'.

Addressing the house, he explained: "Together with the treatments and scientific understanding of the virus that we've built up we now have sufficient levels of immunity to complete the transition from protecting people with government interventions to relying on vaccines and treatments as our first line of defence."

He went on to add: "From this Thursday we will end the legal requirement to self isolate following a positive test."

Giving an update on the changes more specifically, he said: "From today, we're removing the guidance for staff and students in most education and childcare settings to undertake twice weekly asymptomatic testing.

"And from 1 April, when winter is over and the virus will spread less easily, we will end free symptomatic and asymptomatic testing for the general public.

"We will continue to provide free symptomatic tests to the oldest age groups and those most vulnerable to Covid."

He went on to add: "From 1 April we will also no longer recommend the use of voluntary Covid status certification, although the NHS app will continue to allow people to indicate their vaccination status for international travel."


He also told MPs that there will be a new spring booster that will be made available for those aged 75 and older, to older care home residents and those over 12 who are immunosuppressed.

Mr Johnson also outlined that changes to statutory sick pay and employment support allowance designed to help people through the coronavirus pandemic will end on March 24.

Prior to the announcement of the new plan, the PM said: “Covid will not suddenly disappear, and we need to learn to live with this virus and continue to protect ourselves without restricting our freedoms. 

"We’ve built up strong protections against this virus over the past two years through the vaccine rollouts, tests, new treatments, and the best scientific understanding of what this virus can do.

“Thanks to our successful vaccination programme and the sheer magnitude of people who have come forward to be jabbed we are now in a position to set out our plan for living with Covid this week."

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