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Boris Johnson Called Out For 'Disrespecting' Lorraine In 'Out Of Touch' GMB Interview

Boris Johnson Called Out For 'Disrespecting' Lorraine In 'Out Of Touch' GMB Interview

People have called out the Prime Minister for asking 'who's Loraine?' during his GMB interview.

People are calling Boris Johnson out of touch after his recent interview on Good Morning Britain saw him 'disrespecting' beloved TV presenter Lorraine Kelly.

There are a few things you'd expect Johnson to know, first is how to run a country, second is the national treasures of said country.

However, in an interview that aired today, 3 May, the prime minister proved himself to be more than a little out of touch.

Johnson's most recent interview has caused a stir on Twitter.

For the first time in five years, Johnson sat down for an interview with Good Morning Britain, with presenter Susana Reid grilling the prime minister on everything from Partygate to the cost of living crisis.

Speaking of climbing energy bills, Reid said: "It doesn't help people right now who are paying their energy bills - which have gone up hundreds - to be told we need to leave that money to the energy companies, because they need to invest.

"That's their job. Your job is to help people pay your bills."

The prime minister replied: "What we're doing is helping people with the cost of energy."

To which Reid said: "You've offered people a loan they have to pay back."

While that might seem like a mic-drop moment, it was the final moments of the interview that caused an uproar among viewers, and for good reason.

Reid wrapped up the interview by saying 'Lorraine is waiting,' which any seasoned daytime viewer, or kid with a sick day, knows means one thing: Lorraine Kelly is coming to cheer everyone up.

The prime minister, however, didn't get the memo and said 'who's Lorraine?'

People of course responded quickly on Twitter, but not before Reid mocked: "Who's Lorraine? Lorraine's a legend."

This was followed by a fair amount of tweeting ripping into the prime minister.

One user wrote: "'Who’s Lorraine' I actually can’t deal with this I actually looked at my dog and said, 'Did he just say that?'."

While another joked: "'Who’s Lorraine?' Are these the two words that finally turn the rest of the nation against Boris?"

A third added: "'Who’s Lorraine?' He’s got the class and intelligence of a teaspoon, with much less usefulness."

A fourth added: "The lowest of the low. How dare you disrespect Lorraine like that."

Another chimed in: "'Who’s Lorraine?' rounds off a shockingly bad interview for the PM and sums up how out of touch he is.

"Bluster, bloviation and lies. He’s so bad at interviews. I work in PR and would have been cringing and eating my fist if I had media trained him for that. So bad."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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