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Man getting raided by police stunned to find Boris Johnson in house

Man getting raided by police stunned to find Boris Johnson in house

The prime minister joined the police on a series of early morning raids in London

It's not every day that your house gets raided, and it's even more unusual when Boris Johnson is part of the team that breaks in. But one lad experienced just that. Have a look:

A man going under the handle @splintersales on Twitter revealed that he enjoyed a visit from the bizzies as part of a large operation in Lewisham, London, this week.

And while he was pretty surprised to see a crowd of police officers at his door, he was really twisted when he spotted the ruffled hair of the country's prime minister poking out at the back.

In a video posted to the site today (31 August), @splintersales is seen walking through his flat and opening the door, with Johnson standing behind a couple of officers.

"Wagwan Boris?" he says cheerfully.

Smiling, Johnson turns to one of the other officers, who also seems to be smirking at the situation, before appearing to turn to wave at the camera, because, of course, he does.

The video then cuts to what seems to be the damage caused by the police breaking into the man's home.

Boris Johnson joined police on a series of house raids.

"I saw Boris Johnson in my face, bruv, do you know how drunk I was last night?" says @splintersales. "I feel like I'm a madman. I woke up to a 6am raid."

Johnson was out with police carrying out a series of raids in the capital, during which officers confiscated a number of class B drugs as well as paraphernalia and a suspected drugs line phone - though no arrests were made.

Speaking to the media after the raids, Johnson, who is set to leave office in the coming days as the Conservative Party vote on a new leader, defended the police from allegations that it had become 'too woke'.

The Met and other forces have come in for some criticism over recent days after footage emerged of officers dancing at the Pride festivals and Notting Hill Carnival.

Johnson said: "Well, I’ve just seen them. I tell you what, I’ve just seen a bunch of police officers who woke quite a lot of drug dealers this morning and they woke them long before they were expecting to have their breakfast.

The prime minister appeared to try and wave at the camera at one point.

"They woke them with warrants, and they woke them with the news that they were under arrest for causing misery in the communities of London.

"And that’s what I want the police to do, that’s what Priti wants them to do.

"I thank them for what they’re doing. They’re doing an absolutely fantastic job."

Chief Constable Chris Haward also defended the actions of his colleagues in Lincolnshire Police after they were seen dancing at the city's Pride event.

In a statement, he said: "Lincoln Pride is a celebration of inclusivity and representation within the LGBTQ+ community and, as Lincolnshire Police, we are there to support them and build confidence in our service.

"I expect my officers and staff to engage with people attending Pride; to chat, laugh, join in, and even dance, where it is appropriate to do so and does not detract from their duties."

Featured Image Credit: @splintersales

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