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Boris Johnson quits as an MP

Boris Johnson quits as an MP

The former prime minister confirmed he was quitting as an MP after receiving the Privileges Committee's findings into 'partygate'

Boris Johnson has quit as an MP, he has announced.

The former prime minister confirmed he was leaving Westminster with immediate effect after receiving the Privileges Committee's findings on 'partygate'.

The body had been tasked with investigating whether or not he had misled MPs over the scandal.

Boris Johnson has announced that he is quitting as an MP.
Ukraine Presidents Office/Alamy

In a statement, Johnson said: "I have received a letter from the Privileges Committee making it clear - much to my amazement - that they are determined to use the proceedings against me to drive me out of Parliament.

"They have still not produced a shred of evidence that I knowingly or recklessly misled the Commons.

"They know perfectly well that when I spoke in the Commons I was saying what I believed sincerely to be true and what I had been briefed to say, like any other minister.

"They know that I corrected the record as soon as possible; and they know that I and every other senior official and minister - including the current prime minister and the then occupant of the same building, Rishi Sunak - believed we were working lawfully together.

"I have been an MP since 2001. I take my responsibilities seriously."

Slamming the government, the 58-year-old went on: "Why have we so passively abandoned the prospect of a Free Trade Deal with the US?

"Why have we junked measures to help people into housing or to scrap EU directives or to promote animal welfare? We need to deliver on the 2019 manifesto, which was endorsed by 14 million."

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