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Boss Makes Staff Pay For Drinking Out Water Cooler In Office

Boss Makes Staff Pay For Drinking Out Water Cooler In Office

Under UK and US law, employers are required to provide drinking water

A boss has been criticised online after an employee revealed they have to pay for water.

Every office has its quirks and drawbacks: some have comfy seats, others have glorified school chairs; some come equipped with pool tables and other fun pastimes, others have a table and a vending machine.

However, at the very least, we've come to expect access to drinking water. Well, one boss is happy to provide it - at a price, it seems.

'This water ain't free yo.'

Taking to Reddit, u/RemyBrady shared a snap of their office's water cooler with a rather scrappy-looking notice attached to it.

It reads: "Hello Water Drinker, if you would like to drink this delicious POLAND SPRING WATER, please see Sandra or Michelle to get signed up to the very cool WATER CLUB."

As if describing a water club as 'very cool' wasn't enough of a red flag, the sign gets worse. "This water ain't free yo," it adds.

"Members are currently enjoying unlimited refills for $5 (£3.82) per month."

Now, $5 is not a huge ask, all things considered. You probably spend way more on a cans of Coke, coffees and whatnot across the span of a month, so why the fuss over it?

It's the principle. In the UK, employers must provide an 'adequate supply of wholesome drinking water' that's readily available at suitable and well-marked places, under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

Employers are obligated to provide free drinking water.

Under US federal law, employers also must provide drinkable water and can't charge employees for access to it. In this case, it would seem you can drink from the taps for free, but the 'Poland spring water' will set you back $5.

It's safe to say, Redditors were not impressed, with one writing: "FIVE DOLLARS A MONTH!? I could literally buy multiple cases of water at Costco for five dollars and still be ahead.

"And that water cooler probably is f***ing filthy as s**t. F**k that."

Another commented: "Not only are they charging for water, they actually increased the price to $5 a month from $4.

"That's some god damn horses**t."

However, there is a reason behind it: the original poster revealed the water cooler is in a government office, where bosses aren't allowed to purchase water if there's drinkable tap water, as it's considered a waste of public money.

One user explained: "If the tap water is gross the employees all kick in and split the cost of a water club. $5 a month is a lot cheaper than buying your own water and a lot more convenient than lugging it in yourself."

Another wrote: "I was shocked when my new position working at a government office had this, but it makes sense now."

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