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Boss Sends 'Ridiculous' Email To Employees After Three Resign In One Week

Boss Sends 'Ridiculous' Email To Employees After Three Resign In One Week

Screenshots of the email were posted on Reddit by one of the boss’ current employees

A boss has been slammed online for sending employees a ‘ridiculous’ email after three staff members resigned in one week. 

Screenshots of the email were posted on Reddit by one of the boss’ current employees, who hinted they may be handing their notice in the next day after receiving the bizarre rant. 

They wrote: “I laughed out loud at this email. Holy s**t. Luckily I have 3 jobs and can afford to give my effective immediately notice when I show up tomorrow. Lol.” 

In the email, the boss explained how three people had suddenly quit due to finding a ‘better opportunity’ elsewhere, before going on to explain how them leaving would affect the remaining team members’ ‘quality of life’ after being left ‘high and dry’. 


The email began: "Happy Wednesday. I'm not so happy this morning. Yesterday three of you submitted your two weeks notice. 

"All three of you claimed it was because of a 'better opportunity', not even thinking about the fact that some of your coworkers have lives outside of this job and CHILDREN. 

“Your ‘better opportunities’ (doubtful, we pay you all fair wages) are really worth affecting your team members’ quality of life? I myself have children and instead of being at their band recital this week I have to be sitting at work posting job offers on Indeed instead. This is outrageous. 

“You all need to speak amongst yourselves and plan these things out so you don't leave a company high and dry all at once. 

"The lack of consideration from employees I previously had a different impression of is astounding." 

The boss announced they would be introducing a new three-month notice period, saying: “You will give 3 months notice and train your replacement in the mean time, and your 3 months notice will serve as consent for your base pay to be lowered by $6/hour. Since you will be leaving your reduction in pay should be no issue. That’s how this works from now on. 


“You can thank your insubordinates for this. You can also thank them for the extra 30 hours of overtime per week you will be assigned to until I find new hires and they are fully trained." 

They added they expected ‘full cooperation’ from the team moving forward, signing off by saying: “Have a great day.” 

Many people commented on the post in shock, with one saying: "This is the most deranged email i’ve ever seen from a manager. i don’t even think it’s legal to dock base salary as a result of giving notice to leave…?"

Another agreed: "This really does take the cake. This pile of s**t was written by a deranged lunatic with the worst case of main character syndrome I’ve seen."

Someone else wrote: "I live for reading ridiculous s**t like this. I just wish it didn't come at the expense of the people involved."

A fourth said they hoped 'more people quit after this email', while a fifth added: "Unless they think they can force people to stay there for three months (i.e. slavery), all this will do is incentivize people to give no notice at all."

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