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F1 fans are furious at Brad Pitt for snubbing Martin Brundle during awkward grid walk

F1 fans are furious at Brad Pitt for snubbing Martin Brundle during awkward grid walk

Many said it was disrespectful for the A-lister to walk away from the 'voice of the F1' when he's making a movie about the sport.

Brad Pitt has become the latest celebrity to wave off Martin Brundle while on the F1 grid walk in an extremely awkward exchange.

Heralded as the 'Voice of F1', Brundle has conducted one of his infamous grid walks ahead of the United States Grand Prix, which at times makes for some uncomfortable interactions.

With America being the home of some of the biggest A-listers on the planet, there was sure to be plenty of high-profile talent for Brundle to chase down.

So, in typical Brundle fashion, he wasted no time in getting amongst it.

At one point during the chaos, Brundle spotted none other than Hollywood megastar Brad Pitt.

The famous actor had dozens of people surrounding him, but that didn't stop Brundle from going wading in.

"Let's see if we can have a chat with Brad Pitt," he said as he stalked his prey. "Brad, Martin Brundle from Sky F1. How are you doing?"

Clearly not wanting to stick around for a chat, Pitt hit the gas and tried to accelerate away.

But Brundle wasn't going to give up easily; so he put his foot down and managed to catch up to the Oscar-winning star.

"Can you tell us a bit about this move?" Brundle asked.

To which Pitt, who was still trying to leg it in the opposite direction, replied: "No, not yet! Top secret."

He then scurried away, leaving Brundle in his wake.

We've witnessed worse from Brundle's grid walks, with the likes of Megan Thee Stallion and Venus Williams springing to mind, but this one is still prickly and tough to watch.

But F1 fans were quick to leap to Brundle's defence, instead aiming their frustrations towards Pitt for snubbing him.

One person tweeted: "Not sure I understand the logic of Brad Pitt not wanting to spend just a moment to talk to Martin Brundle during the grid walk. I mean, this is his moment to connect with those F1 fans that would see his F1 movie."

While another added: "Brad Pitt, you're doing a movie on F1 and don't know who Martin Brundle is? It's *the* grid walk. Stop and talk to him."

Brundle did see the funny side of things himself, though, cracking the sort of gag that can only be described as a 'dad joke'.

“Somebody was grabbing hold of my shoulder,” Brundle he told the camera.

“Obviously they’re known as pit stops if they don’t want you talking to Brad Pitt.”

You love to see it.

The man is an F1 legend and definitely deserves more respect.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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