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Woman in agony as blood supply to mouth is cut off after ‘routine’ lip filler operation

Woman in agony as blood supply to mouth is cut off after ‘routine’ lip filler operation

Barbara is considering legal action following the incident

A woman has revealed how a routine lip filler procedure left her fighting for her life in hospital.

Nutritionist Barbara Martiniano, 27, from Brazil, has warned others after she was left in agony from the filler, which cut off the blood supply to her mouth.

"I didn't think it was something that could cause any problems," Barbara told local media.

"I imagined that I would be treated by a professional as the clinic I went to is situated in a popular shopping centre and [is] part of a national franchise."

Barbara explained that she had done her research before deciding to have the procedure, and says she even knew what type of hyaluronic acid the particular clinic would be using.

"I researched what type of hyaluronic acid they were using. I determined that it was of high quality so I went there the same day," she said.

"Around 24 hours later, I started to feel pain and my lips were throbbing. For three days, the pain intensified, but I thought it would go away. The dentist who performed the application said that the area could be a little sore.

Nutritionist Barbara Martiniano was left in agony after having lip filler.

"However, I couldn't endure it without taking medication. I've never taken so many painkillers in my life."

Barbara became concerned when she spoke to her mother-in-law who had had the same procedure, but with none of the same side-effects.

"At the clinic, they told me that the person who had performed the procedure was off that day," she said.

"Even though I felt a lot of pain and saw that it was getting worse every day, I believed that everything would be fine.

"But during the night, the pain and peeling increased. That's when I got in touch with a friend who is a dentist and works with facial harmonisation.

"She said it was not normal and did a blood flow test, finding that she was not getting any results."

Barbara before the filler.

Barbara was encouraged to go back to the clinic due to fears over necrosis, which is where a lack of blood flow can cause the flesh to die.

After returning, the dentist injected an enzyme which was supposed to deconstruct the hyaluronic acid.

"It was only when I was in the car that I received a message from the clinic advising me to take an anti-allergy medication but they didn't even tell me the dosage," she said.

"But it was too late as I was already having an allergic reaction."

Barbara was then rushed to hospital where she was urgently given medication.

Barbara is considering taking legal action.

"They injected corticosteroids and other medications into my vein. I cried a lot, I felt a blockage in my throat and a lot of pain in my neck," she recalled.

The nutritionist explains that the clinic got in touch after a video she shared online went viral.

"They promised to compensate for the costs but I told them, 'For me, that is nothing compared to everything I've experienced. I almost died'," she said.

Barbara says she is now considering taking legal action against the dentist.

Featured Image Credit: Newsflash

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