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Woman left fuming after mother-in-law turns wedding into day of mourning for Queen

Woman left fuming after mother-in-law turns wedding into day of mourning for Queen

Jane, the bride shared that many guests had skipped the couple's first dance to watch the funeral broadcast instead.

A bride has been left seething after her royalist in-laws wanted to make her special day all about the Queen’s funeral.

Look, death brings out the weird in all of us, but one 29-year-old bride was plagued with rage amid the late monarch’s official send-off.

In a since-deleted Reddit post, the bride, Jane, expressed her dismay over her husband Matt's parents wanting her to make their wedding a tribute to the former head of the Commonwealth.

Although she acknowledged that some are ‘in mourning and she wanted to be respectful’, she was shocked when Matt’s mother suggested they cancel the wedding.

But going against the in-law's advice, the event went ahead.

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And while some brides may worry that other guests will wear white, around 70 per cent of Jane's guests wore black to commemorate Her Majesty.

She added: “I was p***ed off, but ultimately I could ignore it. I found out when I was greeting guests later that Jane had told Matt's side to wear black at our request to honour Elizabeth.”

During the reception, Jane became increasingly frustrated as many of her guests had retrieved to a different room to watch the funeral broadcast.

She said: "At the reception, a bunch of our guests started to go missing quite early on, so my maid of honour went to look for them and came back to get me. They were in a different room with a TV that was playing the queue footage and holding a 'prayer circle' where they were sharing their 'memories'. Lots of them were crying."

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She added: "I politely asked if everyone would come back for our first dance but Jane said they were busy celebrating a great woman, which I felt implied that I am the opposite."

At this point, the bride snapped, telling her husband’s mother that she was being ‘f**king selfish and ruining her son's wedding day".

To prevent her husband’s nearest and dearest from watching the broadcast, she even asked the hotel to cut the TV despite knowing her guests wouldn’t return to the reception.

Jane admitted to Reddit that regardless of her mother-in-law's actions, she feels guilty about lashing out.

Well, you know what they say, the worse the wedding, the better the marriage will be. If that's the case, these newlyweds are true soul mates.

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