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Strict UK school has extremely long days for pupils and detention on a Saturday

Strict UK school has extremely long days for pupils and detention on a Saturday

Pupils have to get up at the crack of dawn and be on their best behaviour

A school has been dubbed one of the strictest in the country due to its long days and harsh punishments.

While the effort it required to make it to class for 9am is a horror many of us recall all too vividly, for pupils at Mercia School in Sheffield, the doors open at 7.30am. Imagine.

Lessons typically lessons start at 8.20am and end at 4pm, but pupils are required to stick around until 5pm for an hour of 'self study'.

On Fridays, however, students are allowed to go home at 3.45pm.

That is unless they've been handed three detentions in a row, in which case, their week gets that little bit longer, as they are made to stay until 5pm for 'headteacher's detention'.

Mercia School has been dubbed the 'strictest' in the country.
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And if that wasn't bad enough, the school also has the power to dish out weekend detention. Just like a real life Breakfast Club.

Dinner times at the school are also heavily monitored, with packed lunches strictly prohibited and only healthy snacks allowed.

Students are only allowed to take in water and fruit, and are required to pay £2.20 for breakfast, a snack and two-course lunch each day.

But with the school boasting the lowest exclusion rate and highest attendance percentage in the city, it seems to be working for them. And parents, unsurprisingly, are all for it.

Nazia Maqboul is a teaching assistant at another school and has a daughter, Inayah Deen, in year eleven.

Pupils at the school can get weekend detention, like in The Breakfast Club.
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Speaking to the Sun, the 40-year-old said it's the perfect environment for learning.

"My daughter started back in September and she is really happy. She is a sporty person and they have loads of sports here," she said.

"I dropped her off at 7am because they go and do sports at 7.30am. The 5pm finish is ready good because I can pick her up and I don’t need child minders.

She added: "She is flourishing at Mercia. The school is amazing, they work on behaviour and I am happy about that."

Richard Lewis has two sons, 14 and 12, and he also agrees.

The 48-year-old said: "The boys absolutely love the school. The strict policies seem to be working extremely well.

"Both the boys and I like that the homework is done at school in a controlled environment.

"A long academic day might seem strange, but their knowledge retention is really good when we quiz them at home."

LADbible has contacted the school for a comment.

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