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Britain set to be windiest place on earth with 70mph gusts expected

Britain set to be windiest place on earth with 70mph gusts expected

It's going to get wet and windy this week as Britain gets battered by the autumnal weather

Brits had better brace themselves for a brisk bit of weather as it could end up being one of the windiest places on Earth this week.

While it sometimes already feels like windiest place in the world, things are going to get tougher as wet and windy weather is on the way in the next few days.

According to weather forecasts from the Met Office the bad weather is set to start today (12 October), with rain forecast to sweep across many parts of Britain and remind us all that summer is well and truly gone.

Windy weather is set to hit coastal areas the hardest.
Matthew Horwood/Alamy Stock Photo

While many parts of Britain had enjoyed a dry and bright start to the week that's all set to change as grey skies and thick clouds herald some depressing downpours across Northern Ireland, Scotland and parts of England and Wales.

The southeast of England will manage to stay largely dry during this time, so at least some Brits likely won't have to break out the umbrellas.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said many people would see the weather start to shift now, with low pressure and a jet stream the cause behind the high winds forecast.

He said: "Two areas of low-pressure and an active jet stream is waiting in the wings. With all these different features interacting with each other there will be some uncertainty in terms of the details for later this week. 

"The overall theme of the forecast is pretty evident, with low pressure towards the northwest of the UK at the end of this week with some wet and windy weather and quite a number of showers."

"It’ll be a blustery day for all on Friday and even though there’s some uncertainties about the position of the low pressure, what’s most likely is low-pressure to the north, a brisk westerly airflow and a number of showers."

He said people would have to prepare for 'changeable' and 'unsettled' weather from now on as conditions get worse.

Friday is set to be a very windy day for northern parts of the UK, especially in coastal areas.
Met Office

While the 70mph winds present a danger to people they won't be quite as bad as the battering Britain got earlier in the year from Storm Eunice.

Back at the beginning of the year the UK was hit by 90mph winds which led the Met Office to issue a red weather warning.

Being out and about in 70mph gusts is dangerous, as the wind will be strong enough to risk knocking people over and cause damage to the areas it sweeps through.

The highest gusts are expected to hit coastal areas in Scotland the hardest, with Friday (14 October) earmarked as the day the weather is likely to be at its most punishing.

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