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Holidaymakers Asked To Drop Off Bags At Airport Day Before They Fly

Holidaymakers Asked To Drop Off Bags At Airport Day Before They Fly

Passengers flying from Gatwick or Heathrow will have to drop off their bags and then come back the next day

Airline passengers have been asked to drop off their luggage the day before their flight in an effort to cope with the continuing chaos at Britain's airports.

The sector is suffering from a shortage of staff after thousands of jobs were cut during the pandemic and recruitment efforts to make up the numbers have failed to satisfy the rising demand for travel now that restrictions have been lifted.

Huge numbers of holidaymakers are hoping to get abroad again this year following the pandemic, but they have had to endure huge queues and seemingly endless waiting times as beleaguered staff struggle to get everyone through.

Training more airport staff takes a lot of time, especially for those employed as part of the UK Border Force, and The Independent reports that the airport chaos could last for up to a year.

Airport bosses have been searching for possible solutions to deal with the chaos, and according to the Daily Mirror, they think they've found one.

Heathrow is one of the airports asking passengers to check in bags early. (
.curt. via Creative Commons)

The outlet reports that British Airways has contacted passengers who are due to fly from Gatwick and Heathrow's Terminal 5 to ask them to drop off their bags at the airport the night before their flight and then come back the next day to actually get on a plane.

In an email sent to travellers, they said they want to 'do everything we can to help you avoid spending your time queuing'.

This means holidaymakers will need to go to the airport to drop off their luggage before going back home for the night, only to have to return to the airport the next day for their actual flight.

The 'overnight bag drop service' was used last year when staff shortages were causing disruptions and delays.

A British Airways spokesperson told LADbible that the airline's twilight check service is 'not new or mandatory' and 'gives customers an option if they wish to check their bags in the night before'.

They added that the option has been available for years and is offered year-round.

British Airways have emailed passengers asking them to check in their bags the day before their flight. (
JamesZ_Flickr via Creative Commons)

The chaos at airports has already caused huge disruption to thousands of journeys as many flights have been cancelled, leaving holidaymakers stranded in the UK and their plans in tatters.

Bosses have blamed staff sickness and software failures for the cancellations.

Attempts to bring in more staff will take time, so anyone planning to get on a flight in the near future will need to brace for hours of queuing and possibly even two trips to the airport to check in their baggage.

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