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People Are Absolutely Roasting The UK Government At Glastonbury

People Are Absolutely Roasting The UK Government At Glastonbury

Many members of the British public aren't happy about the state of the country, and they're letting everyone at Glastonbury know...

People have always used music as a way to express political points, and this year's Glastonbury festival has been no exception.

Following the controversial Partygate report, Boris Johnson's popularity is at an all-time low, and now his haters are making it known at the music festival.

One festival-goer flew a flag that read 'This is a work event' in reference to the scandal.

It was posted to Twitter with the caption: "FLAG OF THE YEAR FOUND AT #GLASTONBURY."

"This flag wins #Glastonbury!" added a second fan.

However, it turns out that there was more than one 'This is a work event' flag at the festival, and the others didn't go unpraised either.

Sharing a snap of one, another Twitter user wrote: "Best flag at Glastonbury so far. 'This is a work event.'"

Another flag of the same kind managed to make its way to the front of one of the Glasto crowds, and it was captioned:" Boris Johnson would be proud."

Reacting to the many flags, one observer added: "Oh dear @BorisJohnson! Being trolled even at Glastonbury....Embarrassed enough yet @Conservatives ?? [sic]"

However, people didn't just troll the British Prime Minister with flags, there were also some people who dressed up too!

"Many politicians come to the Glastonbury Festival every year, including cabinet ministers," shared another Twitter user.

This was accompanied by festival-goers dressed up as Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak.

The person dressed as Patel slammed the UK's controversial policy to send illegal immigrants to Rwanda with a sign that read: "Ask me about package tours to Rwanda."

Meanwhile, the Sunak impersonator criticised the cost of living crisis with a sign that read: "Power Crsis? We have the power. You have the crisis."

However, it was not just the UK government that was a talking point at the festival.

President Zelenskyy of Ukraine issued a message to festival-goers amid the ongoing war with Russia.

In a surprise message to the music-loving crowd, he said: "The festival resumes this year after a two-year break, the pandemic has put on hold lives of the millions of people around the world, but has not broken.

"We in Ukraine would also like to live the life as we used to and enjoy freedom and this wonderful summer, but we cannot do that because the most terrible has happened – Russia has stolen our peace.

"That is why I turn to you for support, Glastonbury, the greatest concentration of freedom these days, and I ask you to share this feeling with everyone whose freedom is under attack."

The president explained that while the war is not currently affecting people in the UK, it could 'ruin[ people's lives in other countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America'.

However, he is hoping that Ukraine will be able to stop the ongoing conflict before this happens.

Featured Image Credit: @scottygb/@glastolive/Twitter

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