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British Tourists Warned Over Spanish 'Bird Poo' Scam

British Tourists Warned Over Spanish 'Bird Poo' Scam

British tourists heading to Spain have been warned to keep an eye out for a 'bird poo' scam.

British tourists heading to Spain have been warned to keep an eye out for a 'bird poo' scam.

A number of holidaymakers who have fallen prey to the grim con have been urging others to be more careful with their belongings while abroad.

Thieves cover unsuspecting tourists in a disgusting, sticky substance, telling them that they have been targeted by a passing bird.

In the shock, they then offer to help clean them up, which the victim accepts, wiping them down tissue paper.

The 'bird poo' scam is popular among pickpockets.

However, while they're doing this, they then relieve the holidaymakers of their belongings, be it their jewellery, money or phones.

And many don't even realise that anything has been stolen until hours later.

Sharing their own experience on Tripadvisor, one victim said: "We fell victim to bird poo scam. Walking between sagrid famille and gothic centre we were splashed by bird poo. Black slime all over my hair, arms and clothes.

"Searching for a handkerchief a lady about 60 appeared signalling up above to the birds and handed me tissues. A gentleman appeared about 55 with yet more tissues.

"Lady didn't speak as such just signing... she wiped my back and repeatedly wiped my hair.

"Good Samaritans we thanked them and continued on our journey stained clothing and smelly hair."

Adding: "It was only when I got back to hotel to shower that I realised my gold necklace had gone from around my neck."

Another wrote: "Well known scam throughout the world in all major tourist destinations... best advice if approached by anyone just keep walking."

Barcelona is notorious for thieves stealing from tourists.

The warning comes after a couple of alleged crooks were arrested in Spain last week for the exact same trick.

The 54 and 60-year-old men were taken in on suspicion of six instances of theft and five cases of fraud on the Costa del Sol.

Following the incident, Spain's Department of Foreign Affairs advised tourists to be more vigilant during their trips abroad.

A post on its website reads: "Most of Spain has a moderate rate of crime.

"However, given the very high number of holidaymakers that visit Spain, additional security measures are rolled out in public areas at peak times, such as during the summer and at Christmas.

"You should be aware that in areas such as airports, bus stations, railway stations, tourist areas and major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, there is a much higher risk of pickpocketing and muggings."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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