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Brits Fuming Over Car Park That Fines You Even If You Don’t Park

Brits Fuming Over Car Park That Fines You Even If You Don’t Park

"I lost a full day’s wages in a parking fine for 14 minutes over"

A new car park that fines drivers even when they don’t park there is causing outrage among locals. 

The backlash started after the Sea View Car Park located in New Polzeath, Cornwall, was recently updated with automated licence plate reading cameras. 

But according to residents, they don’t account for anyone who’s unable to find a space, meaning even drivers who’ve just gone in and out have been hit with a £100 fine, reports CornwallLive

Local Hazel Belle Thompson posted about the issue in the 'We Love Rock and Polzeath' Facebook group.

Alongside an image of the car park’s terms and conditions, she wrote: “It’s camera operated. As soon as you drive in, your car and reg are taken. 

“I work locally and got caught out for being 14 minutes over even though I spend £40 at least every week in this car park. I lost a full day’s wages in a parking fine for 14 minutes over.”

Locals have been left confused by the car park's new rules.
We Love Rock and Polzeath/Facebook

Another resident, Louise Wonnacott, said there’s a right of way across the car park, which is operated by Newquay-based Alliance Parking.

She said she’s been caught out four times simply driving through the space without stopping to park. 

Adding to the conversation, Alice Watts told the outlet: “I drove in and out, didn’t get out of my car as I was just using the car park to turn around as I’ve done a million times over the years. Fined. I appealed. 

“The fine was upheld. Never again.”

As well as charging people for not finding a space or for simply passing through, locals have also criticised the ‘confusing’ rules that could lead to a £100 parking fine.

As is shown in the image, at the top of the placard it states there is no parking between 11pm and 7am. 

However, further down it says drivers will be fined if their vehicle is present between 10pm and 6am. 

Melanie Phippen said: “That is disgusting. Not a good image for tourism. I would just go to another beach, and people will park along roadsides and just make the roads congested instead of risking a £100 fine, which is a lot to find unexpectedly.”

The car park is located in New Polzeath, Cornwall.

Peter Gardner added. “I see there is a tariff for parking between 7am and 11pm and a £100 fine if your vehicle is present between 10pm and 6am. How does that work?”

Alliance Parking have since told CornwallLive that the conflicting times listed on the sign were an error and they’ve since been corrected. 

In a statement, the company said: "We are aware to the minor typo on the signage, and it was corrected early Saturday morning. 

“Zero tickets have been issued for parking after 10pm where payment has been made. As the software is set to honour payments made up to 11pm, no-one has been ‘tripped up’ on this basis.

"Also, no parking charges have been issued for simply driving in and out."

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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