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Brits travelling to Mallorca this summer warned of police crackdown on tourists

Brits travelling to Mallorca this summer warned of police crackdown on tourists

Tourists getting into bother could end up facing a fine for thousands of Euros

Brits planning to head off to Mallorca on their holidays this summer are being warned to behave themselves as the local police have launched a crackdown on anti-social behaviour from tourists.

According to local news outlets, police in the city of Palma will begin their 'summer security measures' next week, which are aiming at making things safer for tourists and residents, while punishing those who cause trouble.

The approach comes into effect on Monday (1 May) and will run until 15 October, with different approaches targeting tourists and locals.

For tourists heading over to enjoy a spot of sun in Mallorca, many of whom will be Brits, the police will be keeping an eye on certain things and potentially handing out expensive fines for people who don't play by the rules.

According to the council, drinking in the street, being too noisy and causing disruption with pub crawls are among the things police will be looking out for among tourists, as will interactions between holidaymakers and illegal massage parlours or street vendors.

When police in Mallorca are cracking down on certain behaviours, they probably mean something like this.
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Minor violations of the rules could see tourists get slapped with a €100 fine, while the more serious breaches could see that cost climb as high as €3,000.

Brits will also be facing limits on how much they can drink while abroad, with the popular tourist hotspot introducing limits on alcohol consumption in recent years.

Tourists are limited to just six drinks a day, three with lunch and a further three with dinner, with Magaluf and some parts of Ibiza also putting restrictions on tourists getting plastered in place.

But that's not all tourists need to be aware of if they're heading off on holiday, as last year a number of restaurants at the popular destination got stricter with the dress code as part of the ban on rowdy behaviour.

Local retailers will also be facing fines if they break their rules as there are laws around selling people too much alcohol.

Mallorca is an incredibly popular spot for tourists but it could cost you thousands if you break the rules.
Nathaniel Noir / Alamy Stock Photo

Businesses in key areas of Mallorca could be hit with fines as costly as €600,000 for breaking these rules, so you probably shouldn't head over there expecting everyone to be really informal about it.

It's an end to the days of unlimited drinking on all-inclusive holidays where Brits would jet off for major dose of sun, sea, sand and other things beginning with 's'.

While all of those things are still very much on offer at Mallorca, the days where the alcohol just kept coming and coming appear to be disappearing into the past.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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