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Brits Offering Homes To Ukrainian Refugees Will Receive Monthly 'Thank You' Payment

Brits Offering Homes To Ukrainian Refugees Will Receive Monthly 'Thank You' Payment

The Homes for Ukraine scheme will allow people in the UK to invite fleeing Ukraines to stay in their homes rent-free.

The UK government is offering a monthly ‘thank you’ payment to British families that take Ukrainian refugees into their homes, government sources have said.

With millions of Ukrainians having to flee their homes following Russia's invasion, pressure has been building on the UK to take in as many people as it can.

The Home Office initially only granted visas to refugees with family in the UK, and even then the process has been described as ​​slow and restrictive. 

In response, from next week the British public will be able to apply to a wider sponsorship scheme to house refugees with no family ties to the UK. 

Government sources confirmed to the Guardian that individuals, charities, businesses and community groups will also be able to register to offer accommodation and employment via a website and hotline. 

As part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme, a monthly £350 payment will be offered to hosting sponsors.

A source told the Telegraph that the payment is ‘far cheaper’ than the cost of hotel placements for refugees, which ‘averages at about £200 per night’. 

More than two million people have fled Ukraine due to Russia's attack, which the United Nations has described as the fastest-growing refugee crisis since WWII. 

Over two million people have fled Ukraine.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has faced a great deal of criticism over her handling of the crisis, with fewer than 1000 visas granted to Ukrainians entering the UK. 

Critics have branded the UK's response to the crisis as being slow and ineffective when compared to other nations who have taken in hundreds of thousands of people.

Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove will set out on Monday (14 March) plans for the new 'sponsored' route.

Speaking about the plans on Sky News, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "On Monday, you’ll get from the Levelling Up Secretary, you’ll get the programme that will allow people to come in, so (if) people want to welcome (refugees) into their own homes, they can do so."

Government officials will vet each of the groups and then match them up with the individuals.

Those who use the scheme will be allowed to stay for a year and will have the right to work and claim benefits.

The government will ask the British public to take people into their homes.

A Government spokesman told the publication that details were being worked on ‘at pace’, adding: "The routes we have put in place follow extensive engagement with Ukrainian partners.

"This is a rapidly moving and complex picture and as the situation develops we will continue to keep our support under constant review."

If you would like to donate to the Red Cross Emergency Appeal, which will help provide food, medicines and basic medical supplies, shelter and water to those in Ukraine, click here for more information.

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