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Brock Lesnar Bodyslams Jackass Star Wee Man Through Restaurant Dinner Table

Brock Lesnar Bodyslams Jackass Star Wee Man Through Restaurant Dinner Table

Footage captures Wee Man getting bodyslammed through a table by WWE superstar Brock Lesnar

Imagine being lucky enough to go out for a bite to eat and witness Wee Man getting absolutely body slammed through a table by Brock Lesnar. Well, if you weren't one of the lucky ones, then catch what happened in the clip below:

Some might call it an honour to get slammed by one of the greatest athletes we've ever seen or others, like myself, would shudder at the thought of being thrown into a wooden table by 'the beast incarnate'.

For context, the former UFC Heavyweight champ comes in at 6ft 3in, 285-ish lb (roughly 20 stone) and Wee Man - Jason Acuna - is roughly 4ft and weighs 7.4 stone.


It was captioned: "'brock lesnar fights in a skirt'" and tags Wee Man in the post. Well we now know what set him off.

Anyway, as Brock looks to tease the Jackass star up for a bang, you can see the look of joy/fear across the actor's face.

As he comes into contact with the table, as one might expect, the cutlery, wine bottles, glasses, the lot go flying up into the air.

And the crowd were absolutely loving it and why wouldn't they.

Thankfully, Acuna got up to his feet shortly and TMZ say that Johnny Knoxville may have been the mastermind of the whole thing.

Of course he was.


Footage shows the group coming together and having a laugh about it afterwards, so all in all, we're glad everyone appeared to be ok.

The footage was uploaded on social media yesterday (29 January) and has racked up plenty of conversation.

One user simply wrote: "This is the best Thing I’ve ever seen."

A second commented: "He’s going to need to see the chiropractor lol."

Wee Man himself added his own thoughts.


He joked: "F**k @brock._.lesnar can only attack a dude at dinner. I will meet you at your house 3 ropes!

"You can’t even make It pass the first. Sleep tight & have some good dreams! Because I’m cum’n for ya."

I'm not sure it's the bravest move poking the beast like that, especially since Lesnar lost his WWE Championship to Bobby Lashley at last night's Royal Rumble (30 January).

Be careful what you wish for, as they say.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jackass

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