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Biohacker who spends $2m a year to get 18-year-old's body eats five stone in vegetables a month

Biohacker who spends $2m a year to get 18-year-old's body eats five stone in vegetables a month

Bryan Johnson follows a strict diet to keep in peak physical condition

The billionaire biohacker who is trying to turn back the hands of time says he eats five stone in vegetables every month.

For some time now, Bryan Johnson, from California, has been dedicating his life to finding the answer to eternal youth.

To do that, he's put together a crack team of scientists, dieticians, and trainers, to see if they can actually make him younger.

'Project Blueprint', which is headed up by Cambridge-based anti-ageing expert, Dr Oliver Zolman, closely monitors his blood, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, blood vessels, and sexual health, and has captured an incredible 33,000 images of the inside of his guts.

And as well as a gruelling fitness regime, the 45-year-old also, unsurprisingly, has a very strict diet plan, which contains a lot of veggies - five stone of the stuff, to be exact.

Brian Johnson follows a very strict diet.
YouTube/Bryan Johnson

Speaking about his immaculately clean lifestyle, Johnson said he previously used to eat just one meal a day, which contained all the calories he needed.

"I eat 70lbs of vegetables a month," he revealed.

"I used to do one meal a day... my body fat went down to three percent, a bit too low."

When asked how many calories he was eating at the time, the dad said: "2,000. Just having it all in a single window had the effect of dropping my body fat."

Expanding on his unique lifestyle, Johnson said that it's all about what his body needs rather than what he wants.

As such, there's a whole lot of tests that go into putting together the 'perfect diet', which also includes dozens of pills and supplements.

He said: "My team and I make recipes and we tried to create the perfect diet.

"So I consume 2,150 calories a day, we try to make every single calorie perfectly suited for my body - we don't waste a single thing.

The 45-year-old claimed he eats five stone of vegetables every month.
YouTube/Bryan Johnson

"And so this represents all of our scientific work, all evidence based medicine - we tried to have zero guesswork.

"It's all based upon hundreds of measurements of my body that generate the data, looked at that through evidence based medicine, and then we formulate these recipes."

He added: "Importantly, as I mentioned before, my conscious mind is never consulted about what it wants to eat."

And so far, it seems to have worked.

Speaking previously, Johnson said that he has managed to shave a fair few years off certain parts of his body.

"My left ear is 64, my fitness tests say I'm 18, my heart is 37, my diaphragm strength is 18," he told the BBC, admitting that some parts of his body are older than others.

"I playfully say I'm trying to become like, an 18-year-old. My son is 17, so I always tease him and say, 'When I grow younger, I wanna be like you'."

Reckon I'll leave him to it, tbh.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@bryanjohnson

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