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Lad flies to Budapest and goes to baths for less than average spa day in Britain

Lad flies to Budapest and goes to baths for less than average spa day in Britain

He described it as 'an incredible experience'

If you think world travel is out of your budget during the cost of living crisis, hear this: a TikToker has flown to Hungary and enjoyed the thermal baths for less than the cost of a spa day in the UK.

Callum Ryan, who has 1.1m followers on his TikTok account @thatonecal, set himself the seemingly impossible challenge of flying to Budapest and visiting the city's famed baths for less than the cost of a £40 spa day in Britain.

Here's how he did it.


The video shows the 22-year-old pick out a 'last minute flight for only £17', from London Luton Airport which he describes as 'not a bad start'.

Once he'd touched down in Hungary he said he had a 'walk around' to find the best baths and paid £22.10 for entry and a locker.

He explains this wasn't a no-frills experience: "It was such an incredible experience with hot baths, cold ones, inside and out.

"I made the most of the experience by chilling out for a couple of hours and then it was time to go."

Which seems to answer his caption: "Do you think the spa was worth the journey!?"

The comment section contained a lot of hype and questions as to how he managed to achieve his goal.

One said: "You’re literally the king of travel hacks."


While another said: "How do u get these flights for so cheap what website plz."

Others picked holes in and questioned his claims, with one TikToker commenting: "Teleported yourself to and from the airport too for free .. well done."

Another questioned: "I’m sorry but how is it not busy? I was there yesterday and it was rammed."

The content creator is already planning his next trip, asking in the comments: "Where shall I go next.."

Callum's other budget travel claims include flying to Ibiza and buying a pint for less than £15 in April after spotting a 12-pack of Estrella beers for £15 in Morrisons and wondered if he could get a pint in the Balearics for less - asking his followers: "Do you think the pint was worth the trip?"

He first hopped on a Ryanair flight from London Stansted to Ibiza Airport, costing just £10 and bought a pint of the same beet for £3.49.

"There is nothing like travelling the world," he said. "I had no idea about how cheap you could travel - I have been recommending it to everyone."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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