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Bunnings worker begs people to stop bringing their dogs into the store

Bunnings worker begs people to stop bringing their dogs into the store

The hardware store allows dogs in store but that hasn't stopped one employee from cracking it big time.

A Bunnings employee has begged people to stop bringing their four-legged friends with them to the Australian hardware superstore.

Taking to Reddit to air their grievances, the anonymous disgruntled worker wrote an open letter to dog owners who hit up the hardware store.

"Dear everyone who brings their dogs to Bunnings. Please for the love of god stop," the open letter began on Reddit.

"I don’t get paid enough to clean up your dog’s p**s and s**t. If you can’t train your dog to not pee indoors or simply don’t care enough to carry poop bags, for the love of god just don’t bring your dogs to a literal shop."

They added: "I promise you, your pooch will be just fine at home. Go on a bush walk with them if they need the enrichment that bad."

They then signed the letter off as being sincerely from an 'underpaid Bunnings worker'.

The Bunnings website states that pets are permitted so long as they are secured safely in a vehicle, on a lead and wearing a muzzle, or are carried.

The post has generated hundreds of comments both for and against the concept of bringing dogs in-store.

One Reddit user said: "The amount of people that don’t clean up after their dog in public is a joke. If they can’t even be bothered to clean up [their] dog’s mess they shouldn’t have a pet."

A second added: "Dogs should be allowed, but the owner should clean up after them. Same as kids."

A third chimed in with: "What sort of bogan dog owners have their dog s***tting everywhere at Bunnings?"

Another Bunnings employee responded to say that it is a 'common occurrence for dogs to lift a leg on the entry door/trolleys/counter/display stacks as they walk in'.

Others pointed out that children in supermarkets and other stores can be just as unruly.

Barney’s first visit to Bunnings will melt your heart.

But it hasn't always been rosy for dogs at Bunnings.

Last year the hardware store faced calls to ban dogs after an unrestrained pitbull mauled and killed a cavoodle sitting in a trolley at a Brisbane store, according to Yahoo.

Taking your dog to Bunnings is a popular pastime for many Aussies, with social media accounts popping up on Instagram and Facebook called ‘Dogs of Bunnings’.

These pages are 'dedicated to the beautiful puppers that wander down Bunnings aisles'.

Matt Tyler, Bunnings General Manager – Operations told LADbible: "Customers have been bringing their dogs into our stores for many years.

"Dogs are allowed in our stores if they are friendly, under control and comply with the conditions of entry.

"We try to use a common sense approach when welcoming dogs into our stores. This includes cleaning up after dogs, which in most cases, we find owners take responsibility for."

Featured Image Credit: dogsatbunnings/Instagram.

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