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Celebrations boxes without Bountys are being trialled this Christmas

Celebrations boxes without Bountys are being trialled this Christmas

After MUCH demand, boxes without the controversial chocolates are going on sale

Whether we like it or not, Christmas is edging closer - and that means more bickering about whether or not Bountys are s**t.

The coconutty chocolate has been a fixture in Celebrations tubs for years, even though they're almost always the last sweets left in the tin.

Despite their unpopularity, they have retained their place alongside the likes of Galaxy and Maltesers largely due to their diehard cult following, who weirdly insist it is the best chocolate of the lot, even though it blatantly isn't.

This year though, the masses have been listened to - kind of.

Mars Wrigley - who make Celebrations - has teamed up with Tesco to trial a new 'No Bounty' tubs initiative in the lead up to the festive season.

For a limited period from 8 November, customers in select stores featuring Christmas Market pop-ups will be able to exchange tubs bought in-store that day with a new 'No Bounty Celebrations' tub.

In these limited-edition tubs, additional Mars, Snickers, Milkyway, Galaxy and the all-time favourite, Maltesers, will be drafted in to make up for the missing Bountys.

A beautiful sight.

FINALLY. That wasn't too much to ask for, was it? Now they just need to roll it out for good.

Emily Owen, Mars Wrigley's Head of Celebrations Festive Cheer - 'cause that's an actual job title, apparently - said: "Christmas is the time for giving – but it seems this year, the British public are keen for us to take away…Bounty.

"Last year, we gave customers the opportunity to return their unwanted Bounty chocolates.

"Now, off the back of public demand, we're trialling taking them out of the tub altogether. You don't know what you've got until it's gone! And to those loyal (and secret) Bounty lovers out there, there's still a chance they'll make a return after the trial."

Unfortunately, Mars hasn't gone the whole way and committed to make the limited-edition 'No Bounty Celebrations' just the standard Celebrations going forward.

So, if you want to get your hands on one of the tubs, you'll have to be quick.

You can see the complete list detailing where and when to find them here:

08/11/2022 Baguley Extra in Manchester

09/11/2022 Hanley Extra in Stoke On Trent

10/11/2022 Telford Extra

11/11/2022 Cradley Heath Extra

12/11/2022 Kidderminster Superstore

13/11/2022 Redditch Extra

14/11/2022 Bicester Lakeview Drive Extra

15/11/2022 Aylesbury Extra

16/11/2022 Amersham Superstore

17/11/2022 Reading West Extra

18/11/2022 Bracknell

19/11/2022 Newbury Extra

20/11/2022 Swindon Extra

21/11/2022 Newport Spytty Extra

22/11/2022 Pontypridd Extra

23/11/2022 Pontyclun Talbot Green Extra

24/11/2022 Risca Extra

25/11/2022 Bristol Brislington Extra

26/11/2022 Yeovil Extra

27/11/2022 Poole Extra

28/11/2022 Bournemouth Extra

29/11/2022 Salisbury Extra

30/11/2022 Winchester

01/12/2022 Southampton Bursledon Towers Extra

02/12/2022 Portsmouth Extra

03/12/2022 Chichester Extra

04/12/2022 West Durrington Extra in Worthing

05/12/2022 Burgess Hill Superstore

07/12/2022 Horsham Extra

08/12/2022 Addlestone Extra

09/12/2022 Sunbury-On-Thames Extra

10/12/2022 Twickenham Extra in Isleworth

11/12/2022 Osterley Extra in Isleworth

12/12/2022 SevenOaks Roverhead

13/12/2022 Lunsford Park Extra

14/12/2022 Ashford Crooksfoot Extra

15/12/2022 Dover Extra

16/12/2022 Broadstairs Extra

17/12/2022 Whitstable Extra

18/12/2022 Gallions Reach Extra in London

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