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Jeremy Clarkson's Daughter Hits Out At Middle-Aged Men Who Have Criticised Greta Thunberg

Jeremy Clarkson's Daughter Hits Out At Middle-Aged Men Who Have Criticised Greta Thunberg

It seems the father and daughter have very different opinions of the environmental activist

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

The daughter of TV presenter and petrol-head Jeremy Clarkson has hit out at 'middle aged blokes' who criticise Greta Thunberg.

Referring to a tweet by comedian John Bishop, in which he described Thunberg as an 'inspirational person', Emily Clarkson wrote: "Wouldn't it be nice if all middle aged blokes could talk to and about Greta, the ballsy af teenager out there changing the world, like this."

No doubt Emily was in part referencing her own dad, who made his feelings about the 16-year-old environmental activist perfectly clear in a column for The Sun.

The 59-year-old said: "How dare we? No. How dare you sail to America on a carbon fibre yacht that you didn't build which cost £15 million, that you didn't earn, and which has a back-up diesel engine that you didn't mention.

"And then pause for a moment to consider how soundly you sleep at night, knowing that adults are building and servicing and flying Sweden's fighter planes. To keep you safe.

"We gave you mobile phones and laptops and the internet. We created the social media you use every day and we run the banks that pay for it all.

"So how dare you stand there and lecture us, you spoilt brat."

He continued: "So how's this for an idea. Get back to school as quickly as possible and work hard in your science lectures. Because science is what will solve the problem eventually. Not scowling and having screaming ab-dabs every five minutes.

"Many thousands of people who you had the temerity to blame this week are trying to do exactly what you want.

"So be a good girl, shut up and let them get on with it."

Jeremy and Emily Clarkson seem to have very different opinions of Greta Thunberg.

Clarkson is far from the only 'middle aged bloke' who has taken issue with Thunberg since her damning address at the United Nations Climate Summit earlier this week.

No less than President Donald Trump took the opportunity to rebuke her in a sarcastic tweet in which he said: "She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!"

Piers Morgan too has advised that Thunberg 'go back to school' - though he also criticised Trump's 'mocking' of Thunberg.

In a column for the Daily Mail, he said: "I applaud Greta Thunberg for forcing us all to wake up and take proper notice, and I urge President Trump to stop mocking her and start listening because she's right and he's wrong.

"But I will applaud Greta even more now if she goes back to school, escapes the oppressive limelight that's left her so fragile, and leaves it to the adults she's rightly shamed to finish her excellent work."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Emily Clarkson

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