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Britney Spears’ Lawyer Alleges Jamie Spears Paid Out $500,000 From Her Estate Without Consent

Britney Spears’ Lawyer Alleges Jamie Spears Paid Out $500,000 From Her Estate Without Consent

Her lawyer has requested Jamie Spears be immediately removed from the singer's conservatorship

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Britney Spears' lawyer has requested that Jamie Spears be 'immediately suspended' from the pop star's conservatorship and has claimed he authorised a payment of $500,000 from (£360,287) her estate without consent.

Mathew Rosengart has filed a motion to have Jamie removed as conservator of Britney estate amid claims he 'dissipated' her fortune, Buzzfeed reports.

A hearing about the motion is set for 29 September, however, Rosengart urged Judge Brenda Penny to bring the hearing date forward to 23 August, or as soon as possible after.

The motion claims Jamie 'grossly overpaid' a company run by Britney's former business manager Lou Taylor, by handing over $500,000 from her estate.

Rosengart alleged that Jamie gave Taylor's company Tri Star Sports and Entertainment the cash in December 2019, explaining that this was $300,000 (£216,187) more than was due.

Rosengart wrote: "In December 2019, Mr. Spears inexplicably approved a payment to Tri Star in excess of $300,000 above the approximate $200,000 (£144,115) that was supposedly payable to Tri-Star at the time.

"This $300,000 payment was not due to any extra duties or work performed by Tri-Star.


"To the contrary, for whatever reason, Mr. Spears complied with Tri-Star's request for a $500,000 payment from the Estate as a 'floor.'

"More problematically, this payment was sought (and paid) despite Ms. Spears's indefinite early-2019 hiatus.

"Rather than negotiating a new, less lucrative agreement as a result of Ms. Spears's hiatus, or moving Ms. Spears's business management elsewhere, Mr. Spears allowed Tri-Star to siphon more than twice Ms. Spears's annual allowance out of her Estate, while Ms. Spears was on hiatus."

Rosengart has also alleged Jamie is paying himself more than he pays his daughter.

He added: "Mr. Spears has also enriched himself at the expense of his daughter, reaping millions of dollars from her services as a performer, in addition to paying himself $16,000 (£11,530) per month from Ms. Spears's Estate, $2,000 (£1,441) more than he has allotted to Ms. Spears, plus $2,000 per month for office expenses."


The legal papers go on to say Britney 'continues to suffer ongoing harm each day that Mr. Spears remains in place as the Conservator of the Estate - emotionally, psychologically, and financially'.

Jamie is yet to respond to the latest allegations, but has previously said he has always acted with his daughter's best interests at heart.

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