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Charles Bronson shares plan for 'last ever Christmas behind bars' in prison letter

Charles Bronson shares plan for 'last ever Christmas behind bars' in prison letter

He's revealed what he'll be getting up to on Sunday

Charles Bronson has revealed his plans for Christmas Day at HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes.

The infamous prisoner thinks this year could be his last inside as he’s scheduled to have a parole hearing next year after serving more than 20 years of his discretionary life sentence.

Bronson, who changed his surname to Salvador a few years ago, was first sent to prison in 1974 for armed robbery when he was given a seven-year sentence.

However, he had years added onto his sentence after carrying out numerous assaults on other prisoners and staff members.

Earlier this year, he applied to have a public parole hearing, which was set for December but has since been pushed back to next year.

After so many years in prison, it seems as if Bronson has got a bit of a system for the big day and in a recent letter to WalesOnline he shared how his day is set to look - kicking off with some naked exercise and taking time out to watch King Charles’ first Christmas speech.

Bronson hopes that he will be released next year.
World History Archive/Alamy Stock Photo

He wrote: “At 6.45am I'll roll out of bed and smash out 100 press-ups followed by squats and sit-ups – all in the nude - then I'll boil two eggs in a kettle. Yeah, a kettle – how posh.

"Three and a half minutes later and they come out nice and runny, perfect with a cup of tea.

“Then at 12 o'clock the cell door will open and I'll go to collect my meal – the best dinner of the year. Most prisons go the extra mile at Christmas, with turkey and all the trimmings, lovely thick gravy and Xmas pud.”

Like many Brits, Bronson will be tuning into the King’s speech.

​​“I'll defo listen to the King's speech though,” he wrote. “Having listened to his mother doing it for years.

Charles Bronson, back in the day.
World History Archive/Alamy

"She was a wonderful lady who I admired all my life - and, let's face it, she was pretty much my landlady all the while I've been in here.

“After listening to King Charles I'll probably work on some art to raise funds for MacmiIlan nurses or something – I do a lot to help hospices.”

“Tea time is around 4.30pm and a bag of goodies will be handed to me through my door – sausage rolls, crisps, pop etc.

“I also get handed back the sock I hang outside my cell every year. But it always comes back empty. That lazy b*****d Santa never comes to prison.”

Featured Image Credit: World History Archive / Alamy Wikimedia Comons

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