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Charles Bronson’s ‘son’ admits they made the whole thing up in six-year publicity stunt

Charles Bronson’s ‘son’ admits they made the whole thing up in six-year publicity stunt

George Bamby has confirmed he's not Charles Bronson's son.

Families are usually complicated, but the Bronson clan even more so.

A man who claimed to be Charles Bronson’s son - for the last six years - has now come out and confirmed that they’re not related at all.

In fact, George Bamby has said they faked the whole relationship.

Bamby said he agreed to fake their bond to gain publicity for the prisoner and he apparently made 'loads of money' from the stunt.

Describing himself as a ‘PR agent’ in a new interview with TalkTV, Bamby discussed the controversial prisoner losing his Parole Board bid to be released from jail.

George Bamby confirmed he is not Bronson's son.

Bamby said Bronson – who actually changed his name to Salvador nine years ago in 2014 – approached him six years ago for help to ‘get loads of publicity and make sure he wasn’t forgotten about’.

“Me and Charlie together made up the story that he was my dad,” Bamby revealed.

The bombshell revelations continued as he said: “Charles Bronson is not my father. I am a PR agent. I’m a marketing person, and I’m the UK’s number one paparazzi.

Charles Bronson spent periods detained in the Rampton, Broadmoor and Ashworth high-security psychiatric hospitals.
World History Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

“I’ve not told anybody this for six years and it’s been an absolute bane of my life.”

He continued: “Me and Charlie, for the last six years, have made loads of money, we’ve had loads of fun, we’ve created loads of stories, we’ve done loads of ridiculous things, we’ve manipulated the media, we’ve manipulated the prison service.”

“I got into the maximum-security services in four different prisons as a journalist.”

He doesn’t have any regrets in case you were wondering but: “It’s taken a real toll on my life, I didn’t even tell my wife, I didn’t even tell my family, I’ve not even told my friends. This is the first time now that any of my family and friends are going to hear about it. My wife is sat here now and she looks horrified.

Bamby shed further light on his ‘high profile’ job as Bronson’s fake son, explaining: “But when you’re doing a job like this which is so high profile, you can’t start telling people what you’re doing.”

Bamby said during the interview that the profits were split between himself and Bronson’s consultant, because people in jail are not legally able to make money.

Earlier today Bronson’s was denied his parole and the Parole Board published its findings from the hearing that took place at the start of March regarding its decision.

Charles Bronson had a fake son.
World History Archive / Alamy Stock Photo.

Bronson won the right to have his case heard in public, and a parole hearing was held over the week commencing March 6 2023 to decide whether the criminal – who is one of Britain’s longest-serving prisoners – was fit for release or eligible for a move to a more open prison environment.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy Stock Photo / World History Archive / TalkTV

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