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Charles Bronson has told 'long-lost' son he doesn't want him to come to public parole hearing

Charles Bronson has told 'long-lost' son he doesn't want him to come to public parole hearing

Charles Bronson has fallen out with his son George Bamby after a Channel 4 documentary aired in the last week

Charles Bronson has told his ‘long-lost’ son he no longer wants him to attend his parole hearing after the airing of a documentary on Channel 4.

George Bamby appeared on Bronson: Fit to be Free? last week to speak about his dad, who is set to have his public parole hearing over the coming three days.

Bamby has been front and centre during his father’s bid to have his case heard, hoping that he might be released after nearly half a century in prison.

However, there’s now been a ‘massive bust-up’ between the pair after comments made on the Channel 4 programme.

Charles Bronson and his 'long-lost' son George Bamby.
Channel 5

On that show, Bamby said that his dad might ‘stab [him] with a bread knife’ upon his release, which has apparently upset his dad.

Bamby himself claims that these comments have been taken out of context, but he was quoted as having said: “I could be being completely f***ing manipulated by my old dad and he could get out of prison and fall out with me one day and kick the living f***ing s*** out of me one day and stab me with a bread knife."

Confirming the falling out to LADbible, Bamby said: “[Channel 4] edited the documentary statement I made.

“I went on to say that Charlie could stab me with a breadknife, but so could anybody.

“I obviously know he would never do such a thing because the only weapon he would ever have would be a paintbrush.”

George Bamby says his dad has now fallen out with him.
Channel 4

He went on to say that he and his dad have had a ‘massive bust up following the documentary’.

Bronson – who changed his name to Salvador in 2014 - will be aiming to be released from prison after 48 years, making him one of the longest-serving prisoners in Britain.

He claims that he is a rehabilitated character and that he only wants to focus his time on painting and enjoying his remaining years.

Charles Bronson has his public parole hearing this coming week.
World History Archive/Alamy Stock Photo

In the TV programme, Bronson said that he can ‘smell and taste freedom’ ahead of this week’s hearing.

“I’ve got a horrible, nasty, vicious, violent past [but] I’ve never killed anyone, I’ve never harmed a woman, never harmed a child,” he said.

“I’m focused, I’m settled, I can actually smell and taste freedom like I’ve never, ever done in [my] life.

“I’m now anti-crime, anti-violent.

“What the f*** am I still in prison for?”

It remains to be seen what the Parole Board will judge the answer to that question to be.

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