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Checking The Packaging On Food Could Save You Money On Your Weekly Shop

Checking The Packaging On Food Could Save You Money On Your Weekly Shop

TikTok user Maneet Kaur shared how looking at the supplier codes on food could help you save a few pennies

A crafty shopper has shared a method of saving a few pennies here and there by checking the codes on the back of food products – if you want to learn this trick, you can see it in the video below.

At the minute, we all need a bit of help pinching pennies here and there.

With fuel prices through the roof, food prices at their highest in ages, and very little help or respite expected, we’ve got to take matters into our own hands.

Luckily for us, TikTok creator Maneet Kaur is on hand to offer a tip that might just save you a decent amount across your whole shop.

To be fair, as you'll tell from the video she shared this tip around Christmas, but it still holds true today.

The basic idea is to check the supplier codes on the packaging of food items when you buy them to see if they’re exactly the same – or very similar – to another item that you might be able to get at a cheaper price.

Here's one pack of pasta at 53p.
Jam Press

You see, many items have the same supplier or batch code, meaning that they’re supplied to the supermarket by the same company.

Of course, we could have a debate about whether it’s ethical in these straightened times to sell the same thing for two different prices because they come in a different box, but let’s park that for another day.

Maneet, who shares tips online via her account @minsmeals, showed that a whole load of different pasta which is sold at different prices actually comes from the same place.

She explained how the idea popped into her head after seeing a similar ploy with medication marketing.

So, she set out to check whether the same is true of food, and it was.

Then, you can take a look at this code.
Jam Press

She compared a 500g pack of pasta from Tesco that cost 53p to another 29p packet from Hearty Food Co – also owned by Tesco – and discovered that they have the exact same supplier code.

That means they’ve come from the same place but are being sold at two different prices.

She said: "I work in the food industry so know that whatever product we make will have a supplier code on it for traceability,

"I went into a supermarket and looked at staple foods like beans, pasta and bread and looked at the codes. It didn’t surprise me but essentially it’s all about how these brands market it to the consumer.

"The only thing I can do is make people more aware that buying branded is not always the best option and we need to be more conscious about the tricks supermarkets use."

If it's the same, buy one for much cheaper.
Jam Press

This is far from her only trick, but you’ll have to follow her online to find out about those.

In the meantime, Tesco themselves have shared information about where you can discover the supplier codes.

The supermarket tweeted: "The supplier code (SC) should be found at the back of the packaging, at the end of our address."

The batch code – they added – is ‘the little code below the food standards stamp’.

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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