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The CIA has a secret method which 'makes pain disappear'

The CIA has a secret method which 'makes pain disappear'

The technique has now become something of a trend on TikTok

The CIA has a special method that supposedly makes pain completely disappear, which has recently been adopted by a number of TikTokers claiming it works.

The advice has been shared by various TikTok users, including Stephanie Forlini (@stephanieamber07) - who often posts pain relief techniques as part of her ‘CIA declassified’ series on the platform - and another called @Spiritualascension5d, who said it was ‘really interesting’.

In Forlini’s clip, she shows a screengrab of a declassified CIA document detailing the bizarre technique, saying it is 'essentially used to expand consciousness and get you to interact with non-physical energies’.

The technique involves visualising the part of the body that’s hurting and repeating a number.

“So, you’re going to look at or visualise the part of your body that’s in pain and you’re going to repeat the number 55515,” Forlini said, going on to explain that the method actually comes from the Monroe Institute’s Gateway programme, the ‘medicative programme that the CIA used in their research in Project Stargate’.

The technique has become something of a trend on TikTok.

Indeed, a copy of the document online outlines the ‘daily tools’ to be used ‘in your physical waking life’.

Under the section about reducing ‘pain signals’, it says: “Look with your eyes closed at that part of your body which is the source of pain signals.

“As you look, repeat in your mind the number 55515.

“When you do these 2 things, the pain signals will slowly reduce until they are no longer important.”

@Spiritualascension5d said the general idea is to ‘focus on the part of your body that’s in pain with your mind’s eye – meaning your third eye’.


“Then they go on to say for you to repeat the numbers 55515 until the pain is no longer in your awareness,” he adds.

The idea has become something of a viral trend, with many trying out for themselves and claiming it’s a goer.

One TikToker captioned their video: “Why the f**k does this work?”

Someone else wrote: “Trying the 55515 trick... and it working.”

The tip comes from this CIA document.

Other tips listed on the CIA document also include reducing ‘emotional charge’, which says: “Close your eyes, inhale deeply hold breath for a moment then think of the calming, cleansing color green. When you do this, exhale slowly, and the green energy will push all excess and harmful emotional charges down through your physical system and out through the soles of your feet.”

As for sending yourself into a ‘normal, natural, restful sleep’, you’re advised to ‘lie down in a comfortable position, breathe deeply 5 times and count from 1 to 20’.

“Before you reach the count of 20, you will go into a normal, restful sleep,” the document says.

I know, I’m dubious about that one too.

Featured Image Credit: Science Photo Library / Alamy Stock Photo/GK Images / Alamy Stock Photo

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