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Clever Border Collie hands herself into police after getting lost on a walk

Clever Border Collie hands herself into police after getting lost on a walk

Rosie the runaway spooked and bolted... before turning up at the police station looking very sheepish.

Rosie the Border Collie is being hailed as one very good girl after handing herself into the local police station when she became lost on a walk.

The 10-year-old rescue dog bolted when she was spooked by fireworks during her daily walk in her hometown of Loughborough, Lancashire.

She was out for her daily walk with her owner Steve Harper in Southfields Park.

He was walking her off-leash when she bolted earlier this month.

Rosie's panicked exit sparked a frantic search, with the 68-year-old retiree and his wife Julie looking high and low for the beloved Border Collie.

"She's very frightened of fireworks." Steve explained.

"She ran away and went under the hedge."

Rosie handed herself in to Loughborough Police Station.

He added: "I thought I'd find her cowering under it and be able to soothe her but she had gone into the council offices and when I got there, she had left and was nowhere to be seen."

Luckily, Rosie, being the clever girl that she is, handed herself into Loughborough Police station on South Field Road.

The police station is located 800 metres away from where she had initially legged it.

CCTV footage of the police station captured a clearly distressed Rosie slinking into the station's waiting area, where staff calmed her down and gave her water while they looked for her family.

Julie, 62, said the family was relieved when Rosie turned up at the police station.

"I was so pleased and so happy she was safe and so proud of her that she was clever enough to find her way to the police station," she said.

"Steve was upset, he thought he lost her. He was searching but couldn’t see her. The police phoned and asked if we had a black and white collie and that she had handed herself in."

Rosie and Steve have since been reunited.
Rosie and Steve have since been reunited.

She added: "Steve was distraught when I phoned but I told him the police had her."

Border Collies are a working dog breed, which means they need a high level of exercise to keep them happy.

The family usually let her off leash to run in Southfields Park, but Julie said the green space is obviously not enclosed enough for Rosie the runway.

"She doesn't like loud noises but someone let a firework off and she was off," Julie said.

"It’s thunderstorms, fireworks and even the Mastermind music that has her diving behind the settee."

"It's just a bit different for her when she ran away but she was pleased to see Steve."

Rosie is now back at home, happy and safe from the very scary fireworks.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS.

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