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Coles shocks Australia by releasing a Vegemite-infused cooked chicken with cheesy stuffing

Rachel Lang

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Coles shocks Australia by releasing a Vegemite-infused cooked chicken with cheesy stuffing

Coles has teamed up with Vegemite to bring us what may be the most blessed or cursed food item ever to exist: a chicken infused with the dark, delicious spread and filled with a cheesy stuffing.

We're feeling incredibly confused right now.

Are we living on the darkest timeline? Is Australia hexed? Or could this be the best Aussie invention since the Hills Hoist?

While we're yet to try the mysterious chicken combination ourselves, Aussies flocked to Reddit to share their feelings about the strange concoction.


In a post entitled 'Coles scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should', Aussies had their say.

One Reddit user said: "I can get behind Vegemite chicken but draw the line at cheese stuffing."

A second made a rather gross point: "It’s like chicken with a yeast infection. What’s not to love?"


A third added: "Don't threaten me with a Vegemite infused and cheese stuffed succulent meal."

That last one just descended into a thread that quoted that succulent Chinese meal guy and, to be honest, we don't mind it.

Another made the sort-of-brutal point that it can't be more feral than the time they tried to combine Vegemite and a block of Dairy Milk.

The user said: "I'm all for it. I love chicken, stuffing, cheese, and Vegemite. It can't be worse than the chocolate."


If you're game to try, the cooked chook will set you back an eye-watering AUD$13 at Coles.

Or, you could just do what one bloke on Reddit suggested and pick up one of 'these bad boys at 9PM for AUD$1.30'.

If they're still on the shelves, that is.


Vegemite took to Twitter to tease the new item to Aussies with a yellow and black graphic that clearly showed a cooked chicken.

People weren't thrilled.

One Twitter user said: "Enough. Nothing Vegemite, unless it's [just] Vegemite, is ever good."

Another said: "You’re joking."


A third was cautiously optimistic: "Vegemite chicken. Cool, why not?"

The Vegemite-infused cooked chook has since dropped into Coles, with Vegemite revealing on social media it'll be around for a limited time.

Reactions to that post were also rather mixed... presumably Aussies are still getting over Vegemite chocolate.

At LADbible Australia we're willing to give this a crack to give an answer to the massive question mark currently hangs over this weird foodie option.

It'll either be a dizzying high or the lowest of lows, but we guess it's a try-and-find-out sort of thing.

While there's a whole lot of doubt over the Vegemite chicken, we've got our money on one thing: the king of weird food combinations, Heston Blumenthal, is likely out there raging that he didn't think of this first.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible. Network Seven.

Topics: Food And Drink, Australia, News

Rachel Lang
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