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‘Colour psychologist’ says you can get free coffee by wearing the right colour

‘Colour psychologist’ says you can get free coffee by wearing the right colour

You'll be surprised to find which colours can jeopardise a date

A 'colour psychologist' has shared what colours people should be wearing to compliment certain circumstances and how the colours someone chooses to wear can describe them and their lifestyle.

Apparently, it's bad news if someone likes to wear little black dresses on dates. But, we have some good news if you're wanting to bag yourself a free coffee.

According to the TikToker, green is a colour that represents trust.

Max Klymenko is the 'self proclaimed mind of TikTok' according to his bio and regularly shares clips that aim to get his audience thinking.

Most of his TikToks involve him stopping people in the street to ask them for their opinions on things like job rankings, what percentage of millionaires have inherited their wealth and what type of scenario would they use the eye emoji symbol in, for example.

In one of his videos, the TikToker explains that our brains are wired to view certain colours as different interpretations for things.

Klymenko advises against wearing the colour black when on a date, saying that it makes your significant other think you're likely to be 'suspicious'.

Klymenko says the colour black makes someone look suspicious - especially on a date.

In the video, Klymenko says which colours his viewers should be wearing, 'according to science'.

"Baby blue = naive (wear to get free coffees).

"Pink = confidence (wear when presenting).

"Purple = wealth (wear to appear in control).

"Green = trust (when working in a team).

"Black = suspicious (NEVER wear on a date)."

The TikToker added that his conclusions are 'based on the way the brain interprets colours'.

The video has quickly picked up fame, having been liked more than 1.7 million times and racking up over 6,000 comments from mind-blown viewers who are now questioning their wardrobe choices.

Apparently, wearing baby blue is the answer to getting free coffees.

One disheartened TikTok user commented: "I wear black everyday lol."

While another shocked viewer added: "Wait, is this why green is the most common colour for doctors and nurses' scrubs?"

Some people will have their work cut out as their wardrobes completely go against Klymenko's theory, with one person commenting: "My whole closet is black."

Another viewer claimed the theory wouldn't work on them, saying: "I guess I'm always suspicious."

However, others were a bit more skeptical, with one writing: "And where are your sources?"

Meanwhile another asked: "What if I'm wearing a rainbow shirt?"

There's only one way to put Klymenko's theory to the test - next time you need a caffeine fix, you know what to do.

Featured Image Credit: maxklymenko/tiktok